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Fad Diets - Why Are They Bad - The Adkins Fails and So Do the Rest

The Atkins Diet is a joke! Whatever fad diet it is its more harmful to your health than you might think. Face it fad diets are a multi-million dollar industry. Everywhere you look people are trying to sell their latest, best, and easiest dieting plan. They even have many outrageous claims to go along with them. Americans are more concerned with their weight issues more than ever now. As weird as it sound Americans seem to fall for fad diets every day. The weight might be lost temporarily but that is it. The weight always comes back and additional pounds are added onto your troubles. Unfortunately, a cycle is established that is emotionally, physically and mentally damaging people.

Why Crash Diets Don't Work

Lose 10 pounds in 2 days, Eat Less and Lose Weight, Be Bikini ready in a week, they all sound like diet advertisements don't they? The headlines sound good and give readers false hope that they can just simply "starve" themselves and look like the models we see on TV. WRONG! It is a little known yet proven fact that these diets don't work. We all know the ones I am talking about to, the diets that want you to cut calories to 500 per day or cut out all carbohydrates. And we have all heard that these diets don't work but has anyone ever told you why? If no, then today is the day. First we will tackle the "low calorie" diets. What most people don't understand when begining these diets is that our bodies metabolism adapts to what and when we eat.

Cleansing Diet - What You Should Know and What Doctors Won't Tell

Do you know what a cleansing diet is? If you do not, you need to know now. There are various parasites that are lurking around our bodies that are killing us a little bit more every day. These parasites actually have teeth than are creating a mess and are a large reason why no matter how many diets we go on or no matter how many hours a day we work out, the pounds just seem to linger. With this cleansing diet you will be on your way to not only a thinner body but a healthier one too! The genius woman who discovered this cleansing diet is Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst who has been spreading her message around. She discovered circa 2002 that there is a connection between the obesity and the parasites that feed on the human bowel tract.

Ten Reasons to Follow the Calorie Shifting Diet

There are thousands of different diet programs to follow nowadays. Why should you follow the Calorie Shifting Diet? Here are the top 10 reasons why the Calorie Shifting Diet has gained popularity among millions of people already: 1. You can eat as much food as you want at every meal without counting calories, carbohydrates, or anything. There is absolutely no counting on this diet. 2. You can eat until you are completely satisfied at every meal, as long as you stop eating just shy of becoming too full. 3. You get to eat food from all four of the major food groups while on this diet. 4. You get to eat four full meals each and every day. 5. You get to decide which order to eat your four meals in, each day, giving you greater flexibility and control over your diet.

Medifast Nutrition - Why It's Much Better Than That of Other Popular Diets

I spent a lot of time researching this diet endorsed by Genie Francis and Kristi Swanson before I finally took the plunge and committed to it. I'm glad I did because I've had a great deal of success, loosing over 75 pounds. One of the things that really swayed me toward this one as opposed to other diets was that the nutrition is really sound. I knew that low carb diets worked as I had previously lost a bunch of weight on the Atkins diet. However, Atkins ultimately turned out to be disastrous for me because I got tired of eating meat and eggs all of the time and I really worried about the high amount of fat and cholesterol I was getting. However, I was foolish enough to want to see results at any cost.

How Do You Cope With the Jenny Craig Diet?

The first question you should ask yourself is, will the Jenny Craig diet really benefit me? My wife has recently been to Jenny Craig again after a long time. Jenny Craig's popularity has tempted me to write an article about the Jenny Craig. Hope this article is informative for those planning to give it a shot. The Jenny Craig is a diet program that you get by going into an office and getting the complete meal deal, by paying for it. Jenny Craig offers a program for weight loss in which your consultant has to ask some questions and then a specific and very efficient calorie plan is prepared for you. In case of my wife, she started her diet providing her 1500 calories a day.

Will Calorie Shifting Cause Weight Loss?

So the shifting dieting system considers feeding the body everyday with food having different calorie value. This variation in the calorie value can shocks the metabolic system and lead to weight loss. Again you may ask, while implementing this program, how can you eat the same quantity of the food and get weight loss. The answer to this query is, by forcefully decreasing the amount of the calories and using varying amount of calories in food daily. So the advantage of this diet program is that you will neither be reducing the quantity of your food intake nor are you compelled to increase your physical exercises. The foremost requirement of the system is a person opting for weight loss should eat balanced food, couple of times a day and also switch the food type so that the metabolic system does not get adjusted to the specific diet regime.

Five Reasons Why Diets Fail

There are five big reasons why diets fail. If you've failed with diets before I'm sure you'll find at least one of these reasons (and probably all five) very familiar. #1 Hunger Low calorie diets can leave you feeling very hungry. You've often eaten the allotment of your daily calories and still feel very hungry. This is a very uncomfortable situation to be in. Often when you feel very hungry but you have no calories left to eat you either tough it out (which is not a nice experience) or you give in and eat something you aren't supposed to. When you give in and eat something you're not supposed to on a diet, it's usually the beginning of the end. That's why it's so important that a diet be "livable.

Stop Paying Hundreds of Dollars to Lose Weight

Is it possible to successfully and quickly lose weight without shelling our hundreds of dollars for a plan we don't even know will work for us? I defiantly believe so! I've tried so many diet programs over the years that have left me with an empty wallet and an even bigger waistline. I needed a plan that was cheap and effective, and would allow me to buy my own food at the grocery store AND eat out at a restaurant. That is when I found The Day Off Diet. This plan changed my life and I've only been on it for a few weeks now. What I love most about The Day Off Diet is that I never go hungry, I can eat as much as I need/want of the specialized food list that they give me.

Negative Calorie Diets - Fact Or Myth?

Many people want to know what the truth about negative calorie foods, and the diet plan surrounding it, but this is a hard question to answer because that depends on what you want to know. There's still argument regarding the truth about negative calorie foods and whether these foods actually cause a calorie loss or not. Right off the bat, there's no such thing as a food with negative calories, so if you're looking for foods with zero calories, then you pretty much have water and diet cola. Nothing can have less than zero calores, since when you deal with reality as opposed to math you can't have less than nothing. The way that this diet works is by changing out a lot of foods in your regular diet with "negative calorie foods, " or fruit and vegetables that are suspected of causing your body to use more energy to burn the food than what it provides.

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