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Diet Secrets Of Hollywood Stars

There is a variety of diets in Hollywood. Any medical person who thinks to have a great idea or an old idea on new voice and with success sells it to the society is thinking to establish a store in Hollywood. It is the only place on our planet where diets are so much worshiped like in Hollywood. A lot of ladies and gentlemen (not only from the young generation) hire instructors and get in touch with the last dieting fashion because it is fine for their career. The society is curious to discover dieting secrets of actors and singers. Movie stars and singers are ordinary like all of us. Not every diet suits for everybody. They try several diets to discover the right one.

The Best Diet Plan

How do you select the best diet plan? Unfortunately we are bombarded with weight loss and diet plans every where we look. From late night TV to internet spam with society being so over weight most people are looking for ways to lose a few pounds. Trying to decide which plan you want to follow can be very difficult. Most people jump from one diet to another trying to find that weight loss secret. There are things you can do to help find the best diet plan for you. Be realistic, when selecting a diet plan. If you have a taste for meat don't bother trying a vegetarian diet, as your probably not going to be able to stick to it. Like wise if you have a sweet tooth, many diets allow for very small portions of sweets.

Parasites and PH Control Diet

The pH miracle diet restores balance to body. By eating mostly alkaline foods, you give your body nutrition that is more in line with the alkaline state of your cells. Excess acidic foods can lead to a host of problems. Among other benefits, following the pH miracle diet can also reduce your tendency to harbor dangerous parasites in your system that can wreak havoc on your health. What do pH and parasites have to do with one another? The human body has a normal pH at the intracellular level of around 7.4. This is slightly alkaline. Parasites, which are unfriendly bacteria, viruses, protozoa, amoebas and microscopic worms, cannot live between a pH of 7.

The South Beach Diet Exposed

The South Beach Diet is a popular diet. It was started by a man named Arthur Agatston and emphasizes on the intake of "good" carbohydrates that are "low glycemic." While most dieters consider this diet relatively safe, they fail to look at the other side of the diet, which can actually cause harm to the body. The South Beach diet exposed, here: First things first, the South Beach diet consists of 3 phases. Each phase has a different requirement and different time is allocated to them. The 1st phase is aimed to eliminate cravings and hence, the dieter is restricted from eating any carbohydrates. The 2nd phase is similar to phase 1, only that now you are able to include carbs slowly back into the diet, The 3rd and last phase is to make you maintain the new diet by making "smarter" food choices.

Liquid Diets That You Can Try

Liquid diets are not something new. They hit the dieting field quite some time ago and ever since then they have been pretty popular among dieters who want to achieve the all elusive "instant" weight loss. Yet not many people have been appreciative of all the effort placed in to promote liquid diets and with good reason so as there are cases where by liquid diets have brought about dire side-effects to its user. On topic, most liquid diets generally consist of either fresh fruit juices or shakes. Liquid diets should only be used under the supervision of doctors or dieticians. These diets are very strict and consist of only juices, and generally, they are restricted to only a mere 600 calories a day!

Jenny Craig Diet - Pros and Cons - Fatal Flaw Design?

The Jenny Craig Diet has been popular for years. With the Kirstie Alley weight loss marketing campaign showing her losing about 75 pounds... the Jenny Craig program had a sort of revival. I'll let you know what's really up with this program. It works... yes... but, I'll show you the pros and cons as well as document what could be a fatal flaw that will sabotage your weight loss if you choose to go on this diet. So let's get started. First, yes, the diet does work. But wait. The truth is, almost any diet can work for a period of time. As proof, their spokeswoman Kirstie Alley has lost about 75 pounds and kept it off for almost 3 years. So not only does it work, you can lose a lot of weight on it.

Yay Food Reviews - Pros and Cons of Rachel Rofe's Diet Plan

Yay Food is a new diet membership site that was created by Rachel Rofe, a former overweight woman who, according to her own story (and her pictures support that), was overweight most of her life, failed with one diet after the next, and then, after long and painstaking research, discovered the shifting calories theory of weight loss, constructed her own form of a calorie shifting diet, and managed to lose 100 pounds of her weight. The result is the Yay food membership website. I was given a complimentary membership by Rachel Rofe in the hopes that I will review it. Of course, she hoped I would give her a positive review. And I do have good things to say.

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