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7 Quit Smoking Side Effects

You are reading this article that means you want to quit smoking but you are worried about what will happen when you quit smoking? In this article I am going to show you 7 side effects which can happen after you quit smoking.

1) Smoking increases your blood sugar level. So when you stop smoking your blood sugar level decreases.

2) For sugar level balance, you will have more food which will put you in weight gain. Due to lack of sugar only, smokers have food more. Now weight gain is also a measure problem. So you need to control your food habits after you stop smoking.

3) Some people smoke in heavy stressful or nervous situations. They think that smoking helps them to deal with these types of situations. This is just a psychological thinking. So when you quit, you feel more stressful without smoking. This is really a hard time when person have to control so much for not to smoke.

4) Smokers believe that smoking helps them to improve concentration. So after you quit, you can't concentration on work for some time. Concentration problem happens because of the lack of blood sugar level.

5) Due to lack of blood sugar level, your mind might feel lack of oxygen. So your mind may not work with maximum capacity. Because of that you will feel light-headache.

6) You will feel restless and unhappy for few days after you quit.

7) Quit smoking will create constipation. This is just temporary effect. After your body becomes nicotine free, bowel habits will become regular within few weeks.

You might feel it difficult to quit smoking due to side effects in the beginning. Your body will ask for the nicotine. Your body will convince your mind to smoke only one cigarette but remember you are not going to smoke. You need to make your mind strong for not to smoke even a single cigarette.


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