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Quit Smoking Checklist - Important Checklist To Quit Smoking

To leave smoking for good is something that all smokers wish to achieve but none actually do. Quitting to smoke is something not everyone can manage, as it requires a lot of patience and will power. Here is list of things that you can do to get rid of it completely.

1. Choose one date in about two weeks time when you will quit. Stick to it no matter what.

2. Get your friends and family together and confide in them that you are about to embark upon a new journey and you will be needing their unconditional help and support to get through.

3. Just remove everything out of your sight that will tempt you to pick up that cigarette. Ashtrays, lighters, cigarette holders, everything should go away.

4. Buy something fresh for your home like flowers or scented candles to give that warm, fresh feeling to it.

5. Try washing your dirty clothes the day before you quit and smell their new freshness to vow that this is going to stay the same way forever.

6. Buy yourself some alternative nicotine products to keep that spirit up.

7. Try writing a long break up letter to cigarettes. It may sound funny but it will always be there to remind you why you did it in the first place. Better still; stick it to your refrigerator door as a reminder!

8. Take a long hot bath and wash your hair thoroughly on the day you say good bye to cigarettes so that you are not constantly reminded of their smell.

9. Just buy some new clothes for yourself if possible, expensive brands so that you don't want to spoil them by smelling of cigarettes.

10. Go to a salon, get a new haircut, and get yourself a manicure and a pedicure. Celebrate the new you sans the cigarettes.

11. You don't want yellow teeth so now you should buy some toothpaste that is going to make your teeth shine like a star!

12. Just make a list of the reasons that have made you quit and keep them at a place where you can constantly take a look at them and are reminded of them.

13. Make a quit chart and mark every step of progress that you have made. Mark your way to success.

14. Get a new activity; find things that will replace your need for holding a cigarette. Make yourself extremely busy as the more you'll do the more you will want to stay away from smoking.


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