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Quit Smoking Side Effects And How To Get Through Them

Smoking is injurious to health. All people knows this. But still they smoke. I don't understand why they are not able to quit it. There might be some side effects in the starting period after you quit, but you will get your life back. I mean smoking is so dangerous that it can take your life. Knowing that there should not be any excuse for not to quit smoking. Even after knowing this also, you are unable to quit then you are committing one type of suicide.

In this articles I am going to show you quit smoking side effects and I will also give you guidance about how to deal with them. Many smokers failed to handle these side effects. As a result they again start smoking after a period of time.

After you quit smoking, you might feel restlessness and unhappy. You will feel light headache. You may not concentrate on the work. You might feel mentally disturbed. Let me explain you why this is happening. When you stop smoking, oxygen level in the blood increase and sugar level in the blood decreases. You need to keep balance between sugar and oxygen level. Since sugar level has dropped you might feel problems related to your mind. You should drink juice throughout a day to maintain sugar level in your blood.

Since sugar level has decreases, you will attracted towards sweet food. You will eat sweet food more. As a result you will gain weight. Overweight is also a major problem. You definitely don't want to gain weight. For dealing with weight problem, you should spread you food habit across the day. Eat more times but very little. This will balance sugar level and weight which you might get by eating more a single time.

Another major problem people face is a constipation. Many people starts smoking again because of this problem. Constipation is temporary problem. Once your body become nicotine free, bowel habits will become regular again. To deal with this problem, you can use nicotine replacement therapy like patches or gum. Using patches or gum will increase probability of quitting.

You may find many obstacles in the beginning while trying to quit smoking. There are ways to deal with them. Find out the solutions for those problems. Don't just stat smoking again. I hope this article will help you to deal with quit smoking side effects.


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