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Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

This is probably the simplest and least expensive method to quit smoking. You don't have to worry about anything, it's just your will power against the cigarettes.

In order for this method to succeed you have to be in the right mindset. First you have to make up your mind and be absolutely certain you are going to quit, not wanting to, but going to quit. Once you're one hundred percent sure you are ready to quit then read on.

Now that you are absolutely sure about quitting, usually people recommend you choose a date or time to quit in advance, instead what you are going to do is pick up your pack of cigarettes and write on one of them "This is my last cigarette EVER".

You can go ahead and smoke the others goodbye :) but be sure to keep the one you wrote on, to be the last one that you smoke. As your pack draws closer and closer to it's end, you might be feeling a bit edgy and tempted to go get more, but your not cause you just quit!

Congratulations, your going to be down to your last smoke. Smoke it whenever you want and while your smoking remind yourself what was written on it. Now quitting smoking is not the hard part, here it comes...

The hard part is not succumbing to the cravings, and here is a little tip to help you out. Now that you quit, remind yourself of what you wrote on your last cigarette when the cravings attack. Just say no. I know it's easier said than done but have faith in yourself, You are not falling victim to smoking again.

The best part about this is that the first time you say no and avoid it, the second time will be much easier. As you may have guessed by the third time you are much more confident in yourself and you actually begin to take control. In fact just saying no three times you have actually quit for good.

If I may add, here is a fact for you, 80% of smokers who quit smoking do it by simply "Giving up cigarettes." So when you quit smoking and feel like you want to succumb to a smoke, think about what you just read. You may fail once or twice but know there is no magic pill, this is the easiest and best way to quit smoking.

It's that easy. Nothing too hard nothing too complicated so who's going to win you or the evil little ciggies?


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