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Quit Smoking For Real the Non Smoker factor - Part 2

An average cigarette (or tobacco related products) smoker needs to take serious the call (and the appeal) to Quit Smoking for real.

A smoker not only endangers his/her life, others around suffer a worse fate seeing the lighted cigarette (+plus nicotine and other additives) smoke concentration is not passed through the filter in the cigarette stub before being inhaled (ignorantly of course) by an average bystander (non smoker) within a certain radius or the immediate environ of the smoker with a lighted cigarette. The full dose/concentration of the smoke is inhaled directly.

Considering the import of this assertion, if an average smoker who inhales the filtered burnt cigarette + nicotine + other additives mixture is considered in need of attention so serious there is an ongoing campaign and effort geared in this direction to try discourage such from continuing a life of smoking, how much serious and intensified should the campaign to protect and safeguard the health and life of the non-smoker who is exposed to a full dose/concentration of the burnt cigarette + nicotine + other additives mixture be?

Cigarette (or tobacco related products) smokers' close friends, peers, acquaintances, associates, family relations and colleagues have a responsibility to themselves and to the smoker around them.

First, the non-smoker should find means of excusing himself/herself from coming in direct contact with the smoke from a lighted cigarette (or any tobacco related products) from now on. The only way to safeguard yourself from the risk of undue exposure in this regard is to leave the smoke area for a while. It goes on to do you a lot of good seeing you are shielded from inhaling the poisonous mixture contained in the smoke.

Secondly, the non-smoker who has been around a smoker for quite some time needs to go for medical screening and examination for would-be contaminations from exposure to 100% concentration of (burnt cigarette + nicotine + other additives) smoke. This can not be over emphasized.

Thirdly, every bit of encouragement should be given smokers desirous of quitting a life of cigarette smoking (or tobacco related products) now and for all time. It is high time non smokers join and lend their voice and tact in encouraging smokers to Quit Smoking for real.


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