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Harmful Effects Of Smoking

Cigarettes or more specially tobacco smoke are filled with chemicals and toxins. As you are exposed to those chemicals in smoking cigarettes, bear in mind that about 4,000 chemicals are in that smoke, most of them being very harmful.

Effects of Cigarette Smoking kills hundreds of thousands of people all over the world each year.

  • Lifetime smokers will likely die from smoking. Some of these deaths will occur in middle age. Tobacco smoke as well contributes to numerous types of cancers.
  • The combination of nicotine plus carbon monoxide in every cigarette you smoke temporarily enlarges your heart rate as well as blood pressure, damaging your heart and blood vessels.
  • This can also cause heart attacks and strokes. It reduces your blood flow, slowing down oxygen to the feet and hands. There are smokers whose limbs are surgically removed.
  • Tar covers your lungs just like the soot in chimneys as well as causes cancer. 20-a-day smokers breathe in up to full cup of the tar per year.
  • Switching to the low-tar cigarettes will not help since smokers generally take deeper puffs as well as hold smoke for longer, dragging tar deeper in their lungs.
  • Carbon monoxide blocks your muscles, brain as well as body tissue of oxygen, and makes your entire body and particularly your heart work much harder. Eventually, your airways allow less air into your lungs.
  • Smoking also causes diseases. The damage put on the body by smoking frequently causes years of anguish. Emphysema is the illness, which slowly decays your lungs. People who are smoking with emphysema frequently get bronchitis many times, and suffer lung as well as heart failure.
  • Lung cancer due to smoking is caused by tar in tobacco smoke. And men who smoke are generally ten times more at risk to die from lung cancer than non-smokers.
  • Heart disease as well as strokes are more common among the smokers than the non-smokers.

Smoking causes fat deposits to thin as well as blocks the blood vessels that lead to a heart attack. Smoking is responsible for one in five deaths from heart disease. In younger people, three in four deaths occur from heart disease because of smoking.


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