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Benefits of Quitting Smoking

If you want to quit smoking and rack up all savings incurred, you will save over a quarter million dollars in next 20 years. Do you think it is another exaggerated or else overblown figure used to tempt smokers to shy away from the habit?

To begin with, let's calculate money you waste every year by numbering how many cigarettes you burn every day and increase that figure by 365. For example, if the current average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $4.50, then a pack-per-day smoker burns through $1,643 for each year.

Be warned that smoking is a very pricey habit, and never leave out the potential that as the nicotine habit goes deeper (as it will, and in short time too), you might find yourself upping the number of cigarettes to over 2 packs per day over the course of some years. Unless you quit smoking, the monetary consequences of lighting up raises the cost of cigarettes. For example, try quoting a 20-year health term life insurance and you will find that non-smokers are paying a breathtaking $3,000 less yearly in premiums than smokers do.

Consider also the costs of home maintenance when smoking indoors: paint or other wall treatments for your entire rooms, professional cleaning for carpets, upholstery, as well as draperies, or hefty dentistry bills for teeth cleanings to remove yellowish stains. These maintenance costs reoccur frequently with smokers and are expensive. Are you prepared to quit smoking or are you among those who has attempted but failed each time?

Now there is good news; you do not need to carry out special exercises or drink water to control cravings, you do not need to face side effects by taking the drugs like Chantix, you do not require nicotine patches, gums or other 'cold turkey' techniques, and you certainly don't need to suffer from anxiety, lack of food, weight gain and lots more.


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