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Quit Smoking and Now a Weight Gain?

You can imagine that sometimes a girl needs to keep it real to stay away from the couch in the psychiatrists' office.

Today is that day for me.

No, I am not necessarily being funny as quitting smoking and gaining weight is critical stuff. Why you ask? Because last week I came to the realization that I have gained 15lbs. since I quit smoking the last quarter of 2007...Yep! That has been some slow and steady weight gain that is exclusively attributed to giving up up smoking.

My original plan to control my weight was to use hootia lollipops. Those hootia pops worked well although I couldn't keep it up and found that in social situations they looked downright silly.

This morning, I had my assessment with my NEW trainer, Michelle. Today, I am smiling and feeling hopeful that these 15 pounds will depart very soon from my being. I will offer up more about that later in this article.

Encouragement for my continued success with not smoking comes daily from those around that don't smoke, continue to smoke and even strangers that may smoke or not. If anyone of those people would guarantee me that I would not get lung cancer or worse yet emphysema then I would start again ASAP. For me, cigarettes were like a best friend that only listened and a constant and consistent reward system for just about anything I would choose ...Um...I woke up this morning! guess I'll have a cigarette, Um...I just took a long brisk walk so I reward myself with a cigarette. Need I go any further? Those of you that smoke or have smoked (and loved it) in your past will certainly understand that aspect of smoking.

I will admit that I was beginning to become a victim of feeling like I was a complete social outcast and thus somewhat of a loser for smoking. Cigarettes were starting to run my life when it came to selecting restaurants, favorite friends, my travel destinations or even airports that I would choose for connections. I would not recommend that type of negative control in anyone's life.

Is it obvious to any of you that I am in the process of justification and patting myself on the back for not smoking. I am indeed feeling once again that I made a great decision. Venting is such a great comfort when no one is talking back to me. Oh! And Yes! It is so liberating and empowering not to smoke.

So you are planning on quitting smoking? One thing you need to know is that you should not plan on anything other than that when you 1st quit smoking. Focus on just that task. You will feel like you are giving up enough and then some. No need to set yourself of for failure.

I am beginning to think that my weight gain had quite a bit to do with several factors in my life. My age as well as sitting in front of a computer most of the day (like now) and my stubborn attitude as far as not wanting to give up another thing. Hindsight would tell me that I should have entered into a little more flexible state around November.

Exercise has been part of my daily regimen in a rather casual fashion since January until now. I knew that I was gaining weight although had convinced myself that I could manage and take control of the process of taking the weight off as quickly as it came. WRONG this time...for me anyway.

Enter Michelle, my beloved new trainer. I want to share this information with you because realism is where it's at pertaining gaining weight associated with quitting smoking. The more you read the better success you will have with your end result. Today, I am a much happier person because I feel I have taken back control with some help from a trainer and not a shrink. I shared my story with Michelle and told her that all I want is to be able to wear the clothes in my closet that I wore the day I quit smoking. That would be full circle for me. She gave me all sorts of encouragement in addition to a few exercises to do at home as well as some healthy eating recommendations. I look forward to actually working out and training with her during lunch on Tuesday. The good news is that I won't be missing that cigarette after my workout tomorrow. I will keep you posted as to my success with the weight loss.


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