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Need Help Quitting Smoking?

Smoking is a pleasurable habit, I use to smoke for many years, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I could quite happily pick a cigarette up right now and it would feel like it's been hand rolled by an angel. Unfortunately we need to think of the greater good and our health, not to mention finances, cigarette's are painfully expensive. I'm going to discuss why it's more of a habit than an addiction and how my experiences will help you overcome your undesired habit.

I remember when I started a new job, it was completely different to where I had worked before. The whole day I didn't crave a cigarette. Why? because I hadn't yet developed the connection between an event and smoking. Many people have a smoke with a cup of coffee in the morning, so what happens when they wake up and just have a coffee by itself? that's right the cravings kick in. take a brief moment and try to analyze what events throughout the day trigger your cravings.

My hardest trigger was when I had a beer on the weekends, I'm sure this is one of the hardest to overcome for most people as we all know that alcohol causes all sorts of cravings, like sex and various uncooked kebab's. So how do you solve this difficult problem? You can either change your habits, for example, instead of having a cup of coffee, have a glass of breakfast smoothie outside, or where ever you wouldn't smoke before. Perhaps not the best example as we all need that early cup of coffee, but I'm sure you can come up with your own compromises.

When the situation can't be avoided then I recommend using a prop of some sort to trigger your mind into thinking it is experiencing smoking. Like cutting a straw in half and blowing through it. You may feel like an idiot in public but you will be surprised how much having something so similar between your fingers effects your mind. My favorite for giving up smoking was a lollipop, I know men can't pull this off because it is very unattractive but the whole idea isn't for the candy sweet but the stick you get afterwards, I would spend hours just fiddling with it between my fingers or playing with it with my teeth, as it was hollow and you could breath through it, simulating smoking. Everyone needs to find there own 'key' to preventing these triggers or tricking the mind into thinking it is experiencing the usual habit it has grow oh so fond of.


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