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I Quit Smoking and I Love the Freedom

I quit smoking on January 20, 2001. I had been sick for a week with a terrible cold and didn't csmoke for four days. I was getting a little edgy on that fifth day. My boss ticked me off and I promised myself I would have a cigarettes when I got home. I deserved it. o It was raining that day and I went in my home briefly to throw my purse on the bed and pick up my pack of cigarettes and lighter. I headed for the door. My two ats looked at me wondering why they weren't getting fed. I had more important things to do. They'd have to wait 5 more minutes to eat.

I lit up the cigarette. I waited five days for this day. But the cigarette tasted terrible. I was getting dizzy since I hadn't smoked in several days. I was bummed out! I decided t smoke it anyway. As I took my third and fourth hit off my cigarette I had to admit that I was not only getting more dizzy, but now I was starting to become nauseous. I looked down at my cigarette. Half gone. I just couldn't smoke anymore. I almost took a drag, then I stopped and decided I didn't want to get sick so I put it in the little ashtray I kept outside the front door that was now filled with water from the rain. Could this be my last cigarette I thought? No, I wasn't going to be thinking these types of thoughts tonight.

I woke up the next morning and felt a feeling of lightness. I went on with my day, took a walk on the beach, went shopping and when the time came when I usually had my first cigarette (I always had one late in the day and one right before I went to bed) I just acted as if I already smoked and practiced my singing lesson. Then when it was time for bed I got ready for bed and just got into bed and wouldn't let my mind go to any negative thoughts. For some reason it was easy for me to do. I did this for the next several days. I didn't tell anyone for 3 months I hadn't had a cigarette in quite a while. I thought it important to keep this to myself so I wouldn't get any feedback from anyone. Even getting support from someone isn't what I needed. I needed to keep it to myself.

Then after several months I could finally tell others and myself that I didn't smoke anymore. It's really how it happened for me. I smoked for 28 years, starting with two packs a day then getting down to two a day.

I never thought I'd enjoy the freedom from cigarettes so much. I always thought I'd miss it, but I don't. It has been over seven years now and I never want a cigarette anymore. They sure do smell good sometimes, but I'll never pick one up again and smoke.


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