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Make Your Chain Smoking A Thing of The Past

Quit smoking drugs have come along way since Zyban was introduced 10 years ago. There is a quit smoking drug out now called Chantix. It is considered one of the finest in the quit smoking drug market out there today. Chantix was introduced at the time when the nicotine related deaths from the WHO reports concerned the doctors of medicine.

Chantix contains the ingredient Varenicline which is a trademark drug and won FDA approval on May 11, 2006 for the treatment of smoking addiction in adults. Chantix is said to be a far greater quit smoking drug on the market today to help smokers deal with their smoking habits. The drug helps the smoker taper off from the nicotine to help them stop smoking so that they won't have the withdrawal symptoms.

Varenicline is the main ingredient of Chantix and it works differently than the other quit smoking meds in the past. With the varenicline ingredient it works similar to how the nicotine works. For example, as the smoker smokes, the nicotine goes right to the brain and binds itself to the nicotine receptor cells and it makes the pleasure cells react. Chantix acts the same way as the nicotine acts. The varenicline attaches itself with great intensity to the a4B2 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

Chantix gives the smoker the same good feeling as the nicotine does, but the difference is that Chantix blocks the nicotine from binding with the receptors and aggravating the cells even more. The good thing about Chantix is that it does not have the nicotine additives in the drug. It is able to get the smoker away from their nicotine addiction gradually by withdrawing the smoker from it, but leaving them with the feel-good sense as does the nicotine. It makes quitting so much easier.

Chantix is much different from the rest of the quit smoking drugs out there because it takes away the zip that the nicotine has in cigarettes and smokers no longer enjoy smoking after they start using Chantix because Chantix stops the pleasure of smoking. When using this new smoking cessation method, the withdrawal symptoms becomes less of a problem with the smoker and makes it easier to quit. This is the anti-Smoking pill that works and gives great results.


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