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How To Quit Smoking For Real Part 2

If there is ever a desire so strong as staying alive in the hearts of some people, it is that of knowing how to quit smoking for real. Smoking is bad for you, your heath and greatly exposes those around you to risk.

1. NRT-Nicotine Replacement Therapy.
This is a systematic and partial withdrawal process from smoking. Here, the smoker continues to take nicotine howbeit in smaller doses over a protracted period of time till the body system is able to override and completely flush out every trace of nicotine and addiction in the blood system and the body cells.

Such materials employed in this NRT process for smokers to quit smoking are- Nicotine gum- this is similar to a bubble gum, the difference being that it contains reduced dose of nicotine.

Nicotine patch- this is similar to an elastoplasts/ plaster, which the smoker places /pastes on the body. A gradual release of a small dose of nicotine into the bloodstream is achieved.

Nicotine inhaler- this is similar to an inhaler for people having cold or flu symptoms such as catarrh. It is inserted into the nostrils at intervals. It serves to release a small dose of nicotine into the bloodstream too. Nicotine Lozenge/ Sweet- this is similar to a sweet or candy that you lick in your mouth. It is another form of release of small dose of nicotine into the bloodstream.

This is putting an abrupt stop to smoking. Here, the smoker does not go through a gradual process of withdrawal as in the NRT method. The smoker quits smoking by not only stopping smoking another stick of cigarette (or tobacco related products), the smoker does not take in any "small dose" nicotine replacement substitute.

Of course it should be expected that smokers adopting this option will suffer withdrawal symptoms following from the life of addiction lived prior to quitting now. One of many ways in weathering the craving and the urge to reach out for a puff or a cigarette is to breathe in and out for the next couple of minutes- say 5 minutes or more. The craving has been found to subside after this exercise.

Learning how to quit smoking is good, it is equally good to actually put this into action and quit smoking for real.


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