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How To Quit Smoking For Real Part 1

If there is ever a desire so strong as staying alive in the hearts of some people, it is that of knowing how to quit smoking for real. Smoking is bad for you, your heath and greatly exposes those around you to risk.

It is not sufficient to learn and know How To Quit Smoking for Real, the real crux of the matter is to simply Quit Smoking for real and for good.

This though may be easier said than done considering the many challenges which smokers on a quest to really quit smoking face. An habit which unknown to many smokers is highly addictive.

Apart from the health related hazards associated with smoking, the extent of damage smoking inflicts on the society at large is enormous.

"Smokers are liable to die young" is one of such information you get to see imprinted on the back of some cigarette packs. This is to bring to the notice and as well awake the conscience of smokers to the danger smoking causes. This is to serve as a deterrent to many newbies/newcomers also who are just considering going in to smoking before it becomes a habit and an addiction. The reason smokers need to know how to quit smoking for real and rid themselves of this plague and a canker called smoking/ nicotine addiction.

Cigarette smoking (or other tobacco related products) is become rife in our society. As divers as the reasons put forward by individuals engaged in smoking, these do not in any way lend credence to subjecting oneself to the many untold hazards and dangers smoking constitutes to humanity and the society at large, the smoker being the first in line.

There are different ways and methods proffered for someone embarking on the quest to quit a life of smoking for real and a life of addiction to smoking. Some methods employed include NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) and Absolute/Total Withdrawal.

1. NRT-Nicotine Replacement Therapy.
This is a systematic and partial withdrawal process from smoking. Here, the smoker continues to take nicotine howbeit in smaller doses over a protracted period of time till the body system is able to override and completely flush out every trace of nicotine and addiction in the blood system and the body cells.


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