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Quit Smoking - Stay Quit Part 3

When you get to quit smoking stay quit please.

4. Eat and feed well- Endeavor to eat and feed well taking a well balanced and nutritious meal every time. This is not only good for your health and well-being, your body cravings for nutrients will greatly reduce or decrease.

Feeding/ eating and becoming well nourished will help you maintain your resolve to quit smoking and stay quit. This will also keep you away from snacking on junk food (foods rich in sugar and salt) which may eventually trigger your affinity for smoking again.

In addition, your body cells and blood system get a fresh opportunity at life seeing it becomes renewed thereby healing itself from the nicotine-smoking habit damage done.

5. Drink a lot of clean and purified water- This keeps your body hydrated, refreshed and well lubricated. Endeavor to take up to 8 glasses of water in a day. This way, you safeguard against the thirst and craving for something to cool you down a bit.

Juice and milk on occasions is good too. Avoid coffee like the plague seeing it contains caffeine or you may soon be on your way to a life of smoking and nicotine addiction.

6. Exercise- Engage your body/self in one sporting activity or the other. This keeps all your muscles and body fibers toned and agile. It also helps improve your body's blood circulation. Some sports which are encouraged include swimming, bicycling, etc (according to your preference

In the event that you give quitting smoking a try and do not succeed, do not give up nor pack your gear and conclude your addiction situation can not be helped, Give it another shot- this may just be the opportunity you have been waiting and hoping for. You can do it.

To quit smoking and stay quit is the start of a brand new healthier life -do not throw this opportunity away. Give it another try -Quit smoking, stay quit.


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