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Quit Smoking - Stay Quit Part 1

When you get to quit smoking stay quit please.

This is the only guarantee you have as a one-time smoker that you have finally triumphed over smoking and nicotine addiction.

In much the same way that a smoker never gets addicted in a day he/she gets to taste a lighted cigarette (or other tobacco related products) for the first time, Smokers should not expect a life of smoking and nicotine addiction to simply end in just one day either.

Addiction to cigarette and nicotine addiction was a gradual process and a constant act every time a smoker went for a puff of smoke/stick of cigarette.

In very much the same way, a smoker should expect withdrawal from or quitting the habit of smoking to be a process. Only this time it is for good.

A smoker in the quest to stop/quit smoking should make every effort not to relapse back into smoking and nicotine addiction. When you quit smoking stay quit.

This is only possible where there is a resolve and strength of character to finally and completely stay quit from smoking.

One start point is to be aware of those things, acts, environments and behaviors which either create or trigger the desire and the craving to go for a smoke or puff. To be oblivious of such is as good as bathing with your clothes on- Rather absurd to say the least.

Some get into smoking as a result of friends or group associated with. Some consider it a status symbol to toy with a smoke. Some develop a habit of smoking because of wrong association especially those akin to patronizing joints, clubs and discotheques where smoking all sorts is the order of the day.


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