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Why Most People Can't Quit Smoking

There is probably one reason over all others why most people can't quit smoking. It is simple, straight-forward and blindingly obvious, yet most smokers don't even realize that they are putting this massive obstacle in their way. If you tried to do anything else starting out with this mindset, you would realize that you would fail before you start too, but with smokers, they just cannot see the wood for the trees.

So what is it that makes it so difficult for most smokers to quit? Why is it that most people can't quit smoking? The short answer is mindset.

When most people try to quit smoking, they start out with the opinion that what they are about to do is going to be; difficult, overwhelming, a loss and a struggle, likely to fail and most importantly, never fully achieved because they won't ever know if they have really overcome cigarettes.

Well because smokers start out by thinking quitting smoking is going to be difficult, overwhelming and likely to fail and all the rest of that negative jazz, guess what? It is! And that is why most people can't quit smoking.

The trouble for smokers is that you have been taught that quitting smoking is going to be difficult, near impossible and the cravings are almost insurmountable. The thing is, everyone (and I mean everyone) who has been telling you that is lying! It isn't difficult if you set out on your project with the right frame of mind.

Let me put that into perspective for you. As I am writing this article, I am taking a break from putting some decking into my back yard. I have never installed decking and I haven't read any books about it but I do have an extremely talented brother who is able to do just about anything he puts his mind to when it comes to stuff like decking, plastering, bricklaying, engineering - you name it!

The next bit is where I come in. This is important because you have to analyse yourself a little!

I know I will make several mistakes if I try to install the decking myself and that will lead to extra costs. So, I have asked my brother to help me with what to get and how to do it. Nothing too detailed nor anything too difficult - for either him to explain or me to understand!

I know the decking is not finished yet but that is the point of what I am explaining. It is two-fold:
Firstly, I recognise that I need advice so I have got some from someone who knows better than me; my brother.

Secondly, I have no doubt that the decking will be successfully installed and regularly enjoy imagining the decking in situ, as it will be in a few days time, and this gives me the confidence to do the work without fear of failure.

(Note that I had to do the recognizing that I need to be advised and that I must obtain the advice - it won't knock on my door! Also note that I enjoy imagining the future - I don't dread the future with decking in my back yard!)

When it comes to quitting smoking 'cold turkey' the real thing that marks out the people who succeed from the people who fail is that the success stories are people who genuinely decided to cut cigarettes out of their lives.

These people 'decide' to quit smoking rather than deciding to 'try' to quit smoking. That is what makes them a success and this is one of the main reasons why most people can't quit smoking - because they don't decide to quit, they decide to have another go, expecting failure and secretly hoping for it!

People who successfully quit cold turkey decide to quit and they focus on the future when they are quit with a sense of enjoyment, not fear or foreboding. You should do the same when you decide to quit smoking, otherwise, you will probably fail again!


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