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Psychology Of Smoking

Millions of individuals around the world smoke everyday. This is because people who start or continue to smoke have psychological addictions that don't allow them to kick the habit very easily. Below are some insights into the psychology of smoking and why people either start or continue to smoke.

1. Peer pressure: Peer pressure is a very common reason why people begin or continue to smoke. Young kids or adults who start smoking at a young age, often do so because they have been pressured by their peers.

2. Independence: Some young people start smoking because they want to be seen as adult-like. They may feel that smoking allows them to be their own person.

3. Friends and Family: Individuals who have family members or friends who smoke, have a higher probability of smoking then people whose family and friends do not. The same is true for other bad habits or addictions such as alcohol or drug use.

4. Celebrities/Role Models: Some people begin and continue to smoke because celebrities that they look up to or aspire to be, do so. They may believe that it looks cool, sophisticated or mature.

5. Advertising: Cigarette companies spend millions of dollars attempting to get people to purchase their product. To encourage people to spend their money on a product that will likely kill them or make them ill, they advertise on billboards and television with splashy, catchy and attractive campaigns. Many people give in and purchase.

6. To Lose Weight: Some individuals, especially females, start or keep smoking because they believe that it will help them stay slim or lose weight. One of the most common reasons that women resist quitting smoking is due to the possibility of weight gain.

7. Stress: Many people quickly grab a cigarette when they fell stressed or nervous. They believe that it helps to calm their nerves. Fear that they won't be able to handle the stressors of everyday life without cigarettes, keeps many people from quitting.

8. Habit: For other individuals, smoking simply becomes a routine part of one's life. It becomes just like eating breakfast and going to work.

There are many psychological reasons why people begin and continue to smoke. Common reasons include peer pressure, advertising, weight loss, stress relief and because family members and friends close to the individual do so. In order for individuals to quit smoking, both the physical and psychological reasons must be addressed and reconciled.


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