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Acupuncture to Quit Smoking - An Ancient Chinese Treatment Used for Over 3000 Years

The ancient Chinese method of pain relief and medical treatment--acupuncture-- is in fact over 3,000 years old. The method of utilizing extremely thin, disposable needles to activate certain pressure points that achieve desire effect, is part of the reason why people seek acupuncture to quit smoking. It relaxes the body while producing chemicals that flush out harmful toxins, yet produce the same euphoric feeling people normally get from smoking.

Generally, acupuncture to quit smoking is given over 4 or more sessions a few days apart. Each session includes the patient having the needles placed into the skin in strategic locations, such as the forearms, hands, ears or back. They are left in place for at least 30 minutes, and up to an hour. When the needles are inserted, the patient sometimes feels a dull ache or slight pain--only lasting seconds, if they feel it at all. The "quit smoking" acupuncture therapy is said to be so relaxing that many patients have fallen asleep during treatments.

In addition to the acupuncture itself, a few holistic healers will offer herbal treatments to use additionally for disposition and general wellness. These herbs are to aid the smoker in quitting. Picking a holistic healer to apply acupuncture is key; it is eminent to pick a honorable organization. Schedule a meeting first to check that correct sanitation formulas are applied. Additionally, evaluate their procedures regarding follow-up care. It is additionally important to speak with a physician to confirm acupuncture is a system you can experience.

There is no homeopathic proof that acupuncture works; nonetheless plenty of people have huge achievement when it comes to quitting smoking. It is not formally acknowledged by the homeopathic group as a successful treatment to healing any conditions. There are plenty of people who apply acupuncture to a wide collection of ailments--from migraine pains to losing weight.

The genuine explaining factor to how possible acupuncture to quit smoking will perform, is how dedicated one is. Almost all reported success stories are by persons who were very dedicated to stopping smoking--some of whom attempted different treatments without any achievement. It is recommended for those who purpose acupuncture to quit smoking, to continue the herbal medicines while waiting for withdrawal signs cease.


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