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Aids To Quit Smoking - Do They Really Work?

These days, whenever you pick up a health magazine, you are bombarded with ads for quit smoking aids and supplements that promise to help you quit smoking in '7 days or less!', we are going to conside nicotine replacement aids in this article in order to find out if they really do help a smoker to quit smoking.

It is important to remember that smoking is more than just a habit that can be kicked at will, it is a chemical addiction, and it has even been said that the nicotine in cigarettes is just as, if not more addictve than heroin. If you had total amnesia today and could not remember the slightest thing about your life, you would still feel the craving for nicotine, even if you had absolutely no idea what a cigarette


There are a lot of ways to quit smoking, the most popular ones like nicotine patches, gums, and inhalers

work by supplying your body with gradually reducing amounts of nicotine over a period of time, in order to gradually reduce the body's dependency on it to zero.

It has been observed that smokers who use nicotine replacement aids, have far better chances of quitting successfully than those who simply decide to quit smoking on their own, nobody knows exactly why, but its that its easier to wean the body off nicotine gradually by giving it ever decreasing amounts of the chemical using the nicotine replacement aid method, than to suddenkly try and force the body off a chemical its already addicted to receiving.

Nicotine patches are a whole lot better than just quitting, The two main things that make smokers hesitant about dropping the habit, is the tendency for ex-smokers to gain weight, and the increase in irritability that comes about when trying to quit smoking. A lot of smokers, even those who desperately want to quit are often afraid of gaining weight, and prefer to keep onsmoking, rather than quit and gain weight in the process, while others worry that the irritability that comes with quitting smoking might make them lose a treasured relationship.

Nicotine replacement aids help in this respect becasue you do not have to quit smoking right away, because a lot of ex-smokers tend to spend the time they would have used smoking, to eat instead, thereby putting on weight in the process and it also helps at reducing irritability the strong withrawal symptoms that people who decide to quit on their own without any aids experience.

But while aids to quit are invaluable towards helping a smoker to quit smoking, inevitably, kicking the

habit depends on the level of motivation the smoker has, and no magic aid or supplement will help a smoker quit smoking if his desire to quit is still on shaky ground.


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