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A Few Reasons To Quit Smoking

Many smokers who are out there have heard all the reasons to quit smoking, yet many still smoke. The reason is that many of them just do not want to stare the consequences in the face and turn a blind eye.

As an ex smoker I feel it my duty to keep on informing smokers to quit, to inform them of the benefits to quit smoking. I believe that engaging every smoker with an attitude of care and understanding will help them to see the bad things about smoking.

Never just attack a smoker and tell them how bad smoking is for them or how stupid they are to keep on smoking. They know all that. Better that you. Just talk to them and sympathize on how expensive smoking have become, or how bad it makes them cough. This will be more effective. Not all people are the same, so be careful how you approach every one.

If you are a smoker and think that you cannot quit, then all I have to say to you is if I can, after trying for years, then you can. You will never imagine how free you can be without the cigarettes.

Here is a list of reasons to quit that most smokers have to think about.

- Kids health will benefit, secondary smoke is unfair to kids

- Smoking is expensive, you will have more money for yourself

- When you quit you will taste food better

- You reduce your chances of a heart attack when you quit

- You will smell better

- No more cravings, no more mood swings, no more addictions and a better quality of life

- You will breathe better

- smoking is not a luxury, it is a health risk and you pay to keep it up


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