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Learn How To Quit Smoking Today Part 2

There are practical steps to follow and things you can do to realize your desire and goal with learning how to quit smoking, today.

4. Learn how to handle the urge and the craving for a puff or smoke when it arises. When this urge comes up so strong, you need to stand your ground, resist as best as possible the temptation to give in (even for a weenie-teeny-tiny puff or 'drag' on a lighted cigarette).

Breathe in and out (and continue this action), start counting down from 5 (five) minutes all the way through 4 (four) minutes...3 (three) minutes... 2 (two) minutes...down to 1 (one) minute... till you reach 0 (zero) second.

One surprising discovery you will make is that by the time you are done with the count down from 5 (five) minutes to 0 (zero) second, every urge and craving for a puff or smoke will not only have subsided but would have also disappeared completely.

All it takes is the resolve or staying power not to reach out for another stick of cigarette or smoke at such a crucial moment.

5. Speak to and convince yourself smoking is not hype; that some feel inferior or develop a complex not seen being part of the smoking club, gang or group is not what gives or confers on you the sense and honor of belonging and being accepted.

You are who you are- unique, okay, cool, lovable and best of all a normal and perfect somebody (put your name in place of this somebody, would you).

All these mentioned will help you in your quest (and decision) in learning how to quit smoking, today.


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