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4 Effective Tips To Help Your Stop Smoking

People that don't smoke and never have are always trying to tell those that do smoke that they need to just quit. Just quit! I used to laugh when someone would say that to me and in my mind I would think, "what an idiot, why don't you mind your own business". Quitting smoking is not easy, however the cost to your health and well being is enormous.

So here are 4 steps to help you stop smoking

1. Make an Affirmation - You need to write down your reasons for stopping and put it in a place where you will see it every day.

2. Keep a Journal -For the next couple of days; every time you reach for a cigarette write it down, write down the time, where you are (i.e. work, home, car), what you are doing (i.e. on the phone, driving, finished dinner) and how you feel. You are looking for triggers.

3. Set a Quit Date - Now that you've had a couple of day to find out what your triggers are you need to look to your calendar and write your quit date on it in big red letters.

Tip: Keep doing the journal for every time you want a cigarette, even if you don't have it, as this will be a constant reminder to help you.

4. Do Something Different - Make changes to your normal routine. If you drive to work the same way every day take a different route. If you smoke when you have an alcoholic beverage, then abstain from indulging for a few days. Avoid stopping at the stores you bought cigarettes.

No there is no doubt that this is challenging and these are pretty straight forward steps, but remember that there are lots of support groups out there to help you quit, the sooner you take action the sooner you will quit.


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