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Stop Smoking E-Book - What To Look For

A stop smoking eBook is about education and in my humble opinion; education is the key to learning how to stop smoking once and for all. Some people will tell you to use gum or patches or drugs, but for me it only takes a little thought and the right frame of mind.

But how should you decide on what to look for in a stop smoking eBook? Let me show you some useful tips on how to pick an eBook from the many that are out there.

Firstly, consider what method does the stop smoking eBook employ and does it even tell you? There are tonnes of eBooks available on the internet to help you stop smoking. From my own research, most of them are based on individual experiences of how the author managed to stop smoking. These methods can be quite strange and some of the routines people come up with are odd to say the least.

Another type of stop smoking ebook you will find is what I call the "hard work method". This involves keeping a diary of when you smoke and what your triggers are, then setting a 'quit date' to get nervous about, then eating celery for a week, being a nervous wreck and putting on weight and lighting up again after a week of pain off the smokes.

Finally, there is another approach is called cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) based on scientifically appraised methods developed by psychologists over the last 30-40 years. CBT sounds a lot worse than it really is! Getting expert help is a good thing when you need help.

To try and understand CBT, let me ask if you know the joke:

"How do you eat an elephant?" - "One piece at a time!"

Well CBT is like eating an elephant (for want of a better expression). It breaks a smoker's habit and addiction down into a number of individual pieces and then helps the smoker re-evaluate and re-learn what they do an why they do it. So instead of taking on the massive problem of a lifetime of engrained smoking behaviour and trying to knock it down in one fell swoop, it chips away at the problem to ensure the task is completed.

Secondly, when it comes to the author of your stop smoking eBook, be sure they sound like they know a thing or two about smoking and the system they are proposing to help you quit. Remember that being a scientist does not necessarily make you a good writer and being a writer does not make you a good scientist.

If the writer is confident is his or her system, they will offer some support such a email or maybe even telephone support.

The third thing you might want to consider about a stop smoking eBook is whether or not there is a cost. If you are hell bent on not spending any money on a stop smoking eBook, then fair play to you. But remember what you don't spend now you will have to invest in time and research (and blurry eyes) over the internet. You must choose - time or money.

To decide whether or not to pay for an eBook, you might want to consider what value you put on your own life too. When it comes to smoking, it could very well be the next cigarette that gives you lung cancer, so hurry up and stop smoking ASAP!

Fourthly, if you are going to shell out your hard earned cash, make sure you are buying from a reputable vendor, like paypal or clickbank or through a genuinely safe and secure online billing provider. If you have doubts about the website or the payment system, back away if you are not comfortable.

The fifth thing you will want to consider is the question of the guarantee. If your stop smoking eBook is free, then there is nothing to worry about, if not there is.

The very least you should expect when buying a stop smoking eBook is to be able to have a guarantee so make sure you are happy with the terms of the guarantee before you buy. In an ideal world, unconditional lifetime is best but anything over 4 weeks should be enough time to let you know whether the eBook was up to the job.


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