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IPod Helps People Quit Smoking

Who would have ever thought that making use of an item as small as an iPod could ever aid a smoker in breaking away from a life of cigarette smoking and nicotine addiction? Yet, this is so.

There is nothing as daunting and challenging as breaking away from a harmful and destructive habit you have cultivated over a period of time. It takes more than just guts or will power to perform such a feat.

As much as it is humanly impossible to wish away addiction however it manifests, it is one of the greatest challenges an individual may need to contend with in a lifetime.

There are several means a smoker can adopt in quitting a life of cigarette smoking and nicotine addiction. Options available include Nicotine patch, Nicotine gum/bubble, Nicotine Inhaler, Nicotine lozenge/sweet, Hypnosis, Smokeless cigarette, Cold turkey, Nicotine pills, Natural means, Herbal means, Injections, to mention a few.

Quitting smoking the Multimedia way (using an iPod) is a new, innovative and inspiring method smokers can utilize to kick the habit. This is another means smokers having a hard, tough and rough time quitting smoking and addiction must also try out.

It may also surprise you to discover that it involves you doing the two most basic acts you can imagine and that is simply to Watch and Listen.

You get to listen to audio recordings and/or watch film and movies of how other smokers have been able to successfully combat and triumph over the grip of cigarette smoking and nicotine addiction, in addition to how they have been made strong to resist the urge and the temptation to return back to smoking.

These are stories of real people and everyday people you get to meet and interact with. The beauty in this is that you can download and take it with you wherever you go- all in an iPod.


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