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What Are The Effects Of Smoking?

Putting it bluntly, the effects of smoking usually lead to one or more of the following health problems, heart or lung disease, vascular disease, stroke and cancer, all of which lead to a unhealthy life and an usually miserable early death.

It's hard to believe that in 2008 whilst considering how much we know about the effects of smoking, that it's still generally accepted as a normal part of everyday life for millions people. People that are happy to slowly poison their system with the cocktail of deadly chemicals found in tobacco and nicotine.

Statistics say that in the United States alone that 1 out of every 5 deaths is smoking related. The hospital systems in most countries are bursting at the seams with people suffering from smoking related diseases. There are not enough beds already in most hospitals and it seems totally unfair that people that have suffered an injury or illness by chance are left on long hospital waiting lists. This is often due to the overcrowding caused by hospitalised smokers who are well aware of the health warnings that have been around for many years but choose to ignore them. Smokers can no longer claim they are not aware of the effects of smoking.

It's a strange thing that if you are dying a slow agonising death from a debilitating disease or cancer, in most countries you do not legally have the right to request a dignified death by euthanasia, that's not morally acceptable. Yet millions of people are legally allowed to poison their bodies with the effects of smoking whilst governments stand by and harvest the taxes on cigarettes, yet that's morally ok.

There is something wrong when statistics say that every 8 seconds someone in the world dies of the effects of smoking. Secondhand smoke claims 50,000 lives in the US alone each year, it could be said "the effects of smoking" is one of the biggest killers of all time. At least world wars and pandemics run their life and end, the effects of smoking continues to destroy millions of lives on a worldwide scale for the foreseeable future.

While we spend millions trying to cure the very diseases that the effects of smoking cause, we consider it socially acceptable for companies to sell the very product at the root of the problem. Its hard to believe that in this day and age that we can let this happen, it doesn't say much for human intelligence.

There are plenty of very good web sites that help people who recognise the serious health effects of smoking and wish to do something about it. Don't be a future victim of a stroke, heart disease, emphysema, vascular disease or cancer.

Take action now and quit smoking for you and your family, you will never regret your decision


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