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What Happens To You When You Quit Smoking? - Part 2

In this second part of the article about what happens to you when you quit smoking, I want to touch on how junkie thinking will ruin your quit attempt if you are not careful. In part one of the article, I mentioned that you will suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These can be you downfall if you cannot handle them properly and junkie thinking is not the right way to handle them.

As a smoker, you are an addict, addicted to nicotine and you will suffer from what is known as junkie thinking when you no longer have tobacco. Here is how it will manifest itself.

What happens to you when you quit smoking varies from person to person but if you are thinking about cigarettes all the time and then you start to suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms, your junkie mind might take over. When this happens, you will find yourself coming up with all sorts of excuses for starting smoking again.

For example, you may suffer from a sore throat as a result of quitting smoking. Your junkie mind may then get you to thinking something like this:

"I didn't get a sore throat when I was a smoker, now I have quit, I have a sore throat. Maybe I was better off smoking and not having a sore throat, maybe I should start smoking again? That will get rid of my sore throat right?"
Alternatively, you might be out with friends and they will be smoking. You will look at them sharing out their cigarettes and no doubt giving you a hard time for quitting. (This is normal because most people are sheep and just be in with the crowd - not standing out.) Your junkie mind will come up with something like this:
"If I were still smoking, I would be sharing cigarettes with them and I wouldn't stand out. They wouldn't have an excuse for taking the mickey out of me and I would feel part of the crowd. Maybe I'll just smoke whilst I am out with my friends."
Being part of the crowd is you trying to be a sheep rather than a shepherd.

You will find other junkie thoughts like these coming up all the time to give you a 'logical reason' for starting smoking again. You will use these junkie thoughts to try and justify starting smoking again.

This is one of the greatest dangers of what happens to you when you quit smoking. It will seem sensible, it will seem logical, it will seem irrefutable. It isn't - it is junkie thinking and it is the greatest threat to your quit attempt.


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