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What Happens To You When You Quit Smoking? - Part 1

It is very important for you to know what happens to you when you quit smoking. Without this knowledge, you are likely to fall into the many quitter's traps that lay in wait for you and slide back into smoking.

The first thing you must understand of what happens to you when you quit smoking is that you will suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These range widely from person to person and to different extents.

If you have tried to quit smoking before (and no doubt failed), you will probably remember the intense cravings. Your ability to focus and get on with your life seems to go up in a haze of smoke that you can't have!

The most common symptom of course is the cravings that come from quitting. These are two-fold; coming from your physical need for nicotine from tobacco or cigarettes and from you mental desire to smoke.

Over the years you have been a smoker, you have not only become reliant upon nicotine, but you have also learned to like or even 'love' smoking. The association is very strong and as such the cravings can be very hard to overcome. You will no doubt already know the mantra that they pass in just 5 minutes or so, so your objective is to keep yourself occupied whilst you are experiencing a craving.

One of the things that you may not be aware of with respect to what happens to you when you quit smoking is the saboteur thinking that will go on in your head.

Firstly, you will set out on your quit attempt thinking negatively about smoking. You will be saying to yourself that you cannot have a cigarette. This is a negative concept rather than a positive concept.

Psychologist have conducted experiments on children (and adults) where subjects are given strict instructions not to do something but are then left alone and given the opportunity to do the very thing that they have been instructed not to do.

The subjects, whether children or adults can be virtually forced into doing the very thing they mustn't, just through the power of negative thought. In children, virtually 100% do the exact thing that they are told not to do. Adults only fair a little better.

One of the things that happens to you when you quit smoking is you fill your head with negatives about smoking and therefore, by the power of negative thought, you flood your thoughts with just one common factor; smoking! No wonder it becomes difficult because it is all you think about.

Instead of thinking that you should not have a cigarette or that you cannot have a cigarette, you should be happy that you no longer need to smoke cigarettes instead. Changing this attitude can have a massive impact on your ability to quit smoking successfully.

In part two of this article, I will touch on the second part of what ruins every quit attempt you make - junkie thinking.


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