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Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Instead of looking to medicine as well as rapid fixes, smokers can also turn to age-old methods that are used for treatment of smoking. Here are few of the more popular techniques known to treat smoking problems.

1) Herbal Methods The common herbal anti depressant, St. John's Wort has cared for lots of struggling and miserable patients and got them back on track. One new finding however, proposes that this can act more than lessening the smoking desire in persons. Lots of people are turning to this cure for a fast route to heal, as we all recognize that it is the strong cravings that make it impossible even for most willing smokers to stop smoking. When smokers quit, the dopamine level in the brain drops to a certain level that triggers the cravings and depression in patients. That is where St. John's Wort comes in and will work on raising levels of dopamine in the brain. It can be either in pill form or powdered, according to patient's choice.

2) Hypnotherapy It is extremely important to discover why exactly the person smokes. What is the problem? What has gone on in his past, which has pushed him to look for the safety of an obsession? Cessation programs cannot overlook these types of questions. Once the psychological cause is answered then the mechanical is revealed. Hypnotherapy is the way of doing that. By hypnosis, the person's precedent is generally probed to discover the cause as to why he turned to smoking in the first place. The therapist instructs the subconscious mind to release the need for cigarettes..

3) Cold Turkey Last but not least," Cold Turkey" is a term linked with placing good old determination to the test with perhaps no aid or other help from different products. You need extremely strong determination as well as good support from family, friends and coworkers to carry out this method. With this method you must stay away from circumstances which bring you to smoke. It is recommended that you stay strong remove yourself from the situation that will move you to smoke.

If people can refrain from smoking in the first few crucial days, there is a good chance that he will succeed. Drinking a glass of water each time you have the urge to smoke can and will help in this regard. Also, try substitutes such as alternative nicotine cures which will help tremendously.


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