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Learn How To Quit Smoking Today Part 1

There are practical steps to follow and things you can do to realize your desire and goal with learning how to quit smoking, today.

A lot has been said and shared on how dangerous, hazardous and risky it is to continue smoking. Untold pains and great losses are the dividends it yields and delivers into your bosom at a time you recollect fond memories of your youthful years gone by at old age.

You are left to battle the likes of cancer of the lungs, cancer of the heart, high blood pressure, cough, skin problems and diseases and worst of all addiction.

Your choice and decision to Learn how to quit smoking today is a welcome and commendable move by you no matter how long you may have been engaged or involved in smoking.

1. There has to be a reckoning with yourself, an acknowledgment that you are a smoker. Cigarette (or other tobacco related products) smoking is addictive when indulged in for some time. Putting a stop to or calling it quits with smoking is one good gift you can present yourself.

2. You must determine that from now onwards you are parting ways totally and completely with anything called smoking as well as cigarettes (or any other tobacco related products) whether available (and affordable) or not.

You must stick with and abide by this decision and resolution to quit smoking today. It is not sufficient to learn how to quit smoking without you demonstrating it by putting into practice all that has been so learned.

3. Remove, discard or destroy any item related to smoking around you. in this way, you distance yourself from anything which may tempt or subtly appeal and endear you to reach out for a puff or smoke again.

Presented are helpful tips on how you can quit smoking. It is something you can start this moment and you are rest assured it will help you in your quest (and decision) to quit smoking, today.


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