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The Secret To How To Get Teens To Quit Smoking

The main reason most teens take up smoking is because of that old boogie man "Peer Pressure". They see their friends smoking and guess what, to be cool they have to do the same. We have all been subjected to peer pressure at some stage in our lives. Don't despair, if teens are given the facts, many are capable of making the choice not to smoke.

The dilemma is how do you get teens to quit smoking, how do you get them to listen, you get just a little bit sneaky. You know how it was, if your parents demanded you not to do something, the rebel in you told you that if your parents didn't like it, then it goes without saying "it must be cool" so even if you didn't particularly like it, you persisted and did it anyway. So it's obvious a different approach is required, don't so much tell them what they should or should not be doing regarding smoking, just tell them some facts about smoking in a rather casual kind of way.

Tell them about a guy you knew and how he got throat cancer due to the effects of smoking, resulting in having his voice box removed. It doesn't really matter whether you knew the guy or not, you are protecting your children's health here, a white lie is not misplaced in the circumstances. There are plenty of real life health disaster stories related to the effects of smoking, pick the one that you feel will have the most impact, true or not. Give them just enough info without over doing it to make then go away and think about the potential harm they could be doing to their own bodies, just to be cool like their friends. If a considered decision not smoke comes from "them" it carries much more weight and effect, than an order or nagging from you.

It's also likely that a friend or two will wonder how come they aren't smoking despite the peer pressure. That's when your little story becomes viral and is likely to be passed on to other teens, not by a parent, but by one of there own. Under these circumstances the impact is even greater, "Is that for real, he actually had his voice box cut out, that's pretty scary, yuck". By feeding out the info in a creative way, you can achieve the result you want with your own teens and with a bit of luck through the teen grape vine, help a few others quit smoking or at least give it some serious consideration.

So if you're asked "How to get teens to quit smoking" give this method a try, it often works well.

Our children are the future of the world, we want then fit and healthy, and not filling our hospitals by self inflicted smoking related illnesses.


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