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Quit Smoking - Are You Too Frightened?

Fear runs deep in many people's lives, and usually it's buried way out of sight. What we think we're afraid of may not be the truth. The real fear is something else.

The question is - what will my life be without cigarettes, without smoke? What will happen to me?

Listen to this man, "The thought of stopping filled me with dread. How would I ever enjoy a glass of wine or a meal in a restaurant again! If I stopped I would quite obviously never be able to go into a pub again or have a cup of coffee."

Even thinking about this question causes stress. And the usual reaction is 'I'm not ready. I need to think about it some more.' And then to quickly find something else to think about.

What will happen to me? Will I get fat? Will I get less attractive? Will I turn into a slob who pounds and pounds of sweet comfort food, and then goes to bed early and alone?

What will I do with my time? Now that I don't smoke. Will I get bored? What will I do with my hands all day?

What about after a good dinner without smoking? Start chewing my fingernails until they bleed?

What about my friends? Will I have to stop seeing them? All my friends either smoke or nag. Will they hate me because I quit? Will I turn into a bore, and lose all my smoky friends?

What will happen to me? Can I still enjoy a coffee? Or a beer? Will I get more and more nervous? Will I have a good time ever again?

And so on. And so on.

Of course, this is crazy. These questions are truly stupid, but the fear is real. And the fear is deep. Therefore you have to face it.

**The worst part of quitting smoking is the fear before you give up.**

The addiction to smoking is much smaller than you think.

Another man - who was successful - said, "I never believed I would stop smoking, I thought my life would be cut short from the cancer sticks."

I promise every smoker in the world one thing. The feeling you have when you have finished with smoking is the feeling of victory. It's a great, great, great feeling. And it lasts forever.

Listen to some other people -

"I made myself realise that I was not giving anything up by stopping smoking."

"The parasite is dead."

"I am so happy I don't have to smoke anymore!"

"I feel as if recovering out of a disease. Each day, every hour is better than before."

"It's amazing to realize what it means to bring an end to the constant tyranny of smoking addiction."

"It is actually quite easy and its amazing how easy it is."

"I can now, literally, stop to smell the roses."

"...warm feeling of finally being able to breath completely."

I repeat. The feeling you have when you have finished with smoking is the feeling of victory. It's a great, great, great feeling. And it lasts forever.


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