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10 Ways To Quit Smoking - Do It Today And Start Benefiting

These 10 ways to quit smoking will show you it doesn't have to be an impossible task when you decide to quit smoking. By following these tips you will find it easier to quit smoking without wanting to start again.

  1. The very first step to take is to decide for definite that you actually want to quit. Put your mind set on that you want to stop and think of the benefits you will get from doing it.
  2. When you have quit smoking and you start to feel cravings, take 3 deep breathes and exhale slowly on each one. You feel better and more relaxed after doing so. Do this every time you feel the urge to have a cigarette.
  3. Start drinking more fluids such as water, healthy juices and the like. Avoid fizzy drinks, caffeine and high sugar drinks.
  4. When you have quit smoking, you may start to suffer from insomnia, to help avoid this, drink less caffeine and coffee.
  5. Take the time to exercise. You could go to the gym and use the money you are saving on cigarettes for a membership. Jog in the fresh air, take time out to go to the park with the family or talk the dog for a good walk.
  6. Try herbal cigarettes if the urge becomes too strong or try nicotine substitutes.
  7. Try hypnotherapy as an alternative to help.
  8. Join stop smoking programs or get someone else you know to help you by stopping themselves.
  9. Keep your mind and body active by partaking in hobbies and activities.
  10. Prepare yourself fully for some withdrawal symptoms when you quit.
There are many smokers who want to quit but they are not ready to act. They always says them self that this is last cigarette I won't smoke again. If you really want to quit smoking, just reread all 10 ways and start acting now.


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