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What Is A Craving Really?

Most smokers planning to quit smoking have a fear of cravings. Most smokers will talk about it without understanding what a craving really is. I will attempt to explain how a craving is and how the brain can induce it when quitting smoking.

May times cravings to smoke are confused with the habit to smoke. There is a distinct difference between the two and many smokers do not know what it is. If you want to be successful in quitting smoking but fear the cravings then this will ease you up a bit.

Firstly let us define a craving. A craving is the feeling/need to smoke. You fee like you have to smoke NOW. Ignoring it can cause mood swings, trembling, stomach ace in severe cases and the like. People with severe cravings will normally make you run. The good news is that a real craving can only last a few minutes. Maybe ten or fifteen. If ignored at will go away and it will return maybe in an hour, 30 minutes or a few hours later. This is dependant on how much you smoked and how addicted to nicotine the body is.

If you do not smoke the cravings will stay away longer and they will be shorter in duration. In a few days they will totally go away. But for most smokers the battle is not won after a few days. Why?

The reason is that they are not rid of the habit yet. If you are used to smoking while driving home from work for many years then that habit is not going to go away in a few days. Your brain will tell you something is not right. You can even go into a panic state and believe it is a craving when it is just your natural gut feeling telling you something is out of place.

Most smokers I know can overcome the cravings but they do not know that they have to overcome the habit. If you know about the weakness of habits then replace your habits with something else for the time being to get your mind off smoking. Realize the times you normally smoked and take precaution.


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