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Quitting Smoking Can Be Dangerous?

Everyone Knows just how harmful smoking and other tobacco products can be. They can all be credited with cancer and many other health problems. What you probably don't know though is that some of the drugs on the market aimed at helping the smoker quit can be just as dangerous! Yes it's true. Some of you might already be aware of this. The FDA has issued a public health advisory to both the health care professionals and consumers of these products. A new prescription product called chantix is the main target of this alert. They are now linking this "helpful" drug to serious problems such as neuropsychiatric symptoms! They are now rushing to get proper warnings out about this drug with disclaimers on the pamphlet and the bottle itself. That's just so helpful isn't it? The FDA finds serious risks and chooses not to take it off the market and cut profits, but rather just put a little warning on the label.

Some of the other popular ways of quitting are nicotine replacement such as the path or nicotine gum. These all are stimulants just like the nicotine you would smoke or chew. They are designed to help you slowly lose the need for nicotine. Does anybody see a possible addiction there? You have been smoking for a long time now, and just switching the form of nicotine that enters your body. Are you going to be ok with putting down the cigarettes? Maybe so, but what about the patch or the gum?

I'm not trying to discourage any of you out there to quit smoking! Obviously it's a great thing to do anyway you can. I just want you all to be educated before you choose how you wish to kick the habit. There are safer ways than what are common and are actually much easier even. I have more information on this topic and offer a 100 percent safe alternative to help you kick the habit easily.


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