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Smoking Babies

First, if you want a baby of your own, it's a good idea to stop smoking. (It's always a good idea to stop smoking.) Because studies show that women who are smoking 16 to 20 cigarettes a day are 20% less likely to have a baby after one year of trying. After that, the odds get far worse. In the second and third years of trying, twice as many fail.

A study from the University of California School of Public Health finds that compared to non-smokers, women who smoke one to nine cigarettes per day take twice as long to become pregnant after stopping contraceptives.

The study was done on over 1,300 first-time mothers.

And now you're pregnant. What could happen? Ectopic or tubal pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg becomes implanted outside the uterus. It can threaten your life. People who smoke have a two to four times greater risk of this.

When pregnant women smoke, they risk the lives of their unborn babies.

A pregnant woman who is still smoking is more likely to have a spontaneous abortion or a stillbirth. You're harming your baby with the poisonous chemicals in your blood.

A study made by Dr Naeye - Professor of Anatomic Pathology at Penn State Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - found that death rates due to malformations increased when the mother smoked more than ten cigarettes a day. His study included 100 pregnant women who smoked ten cigarettes a day and 100 pregnant women who didn't smoke at all. The conclusion was the stillbirth rate of 1.72% for smoking babies as compared to 0.1% for nonsmoking babies.

That is over 17 times the risk.

One study showed that if a pregnant woman is exposed to smoke for two hours a day or more, she doubles her risk of delivering a low birthweight baby.

Babies born to smokers weigh less than those born to normal women

The more the smoke, the more the mother smokes, the less the baby weighs.

Also, women who smoke increase the risk of a premature birth, with all the problems of survival that that means.

Women who smoke during pregnancy are -

* Twice as likely than nonsmokers to have a baby which is of low birth weight. They are lighter because they do not develop fully.

* More than twice as likely to have a baby whose growth has been retarded. This means the baby is born when it is not fully developed.

* One third more likely to have a baby that is born prematurely.

***The best predictor of a baby's survival and good health is its birth weight***

The poor babies of these smoking women have about 25% greater chance of dying just after being born.

Later, there is still more risk. SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - is when a baby dies suddenly without warning. The baby seems to be well and fine and then the baby's dead.

Smokers' babies die like this three times as often.

Do you want a stupid child?

Nicotine has been shown experimentally to retard fetal brain growth in animals. The developing brain is particularly vulnerable to low levels of oxygen. Recent studies of smoking mothers' infants who died in the womb provide insight into how exposure to smoking may injure developing brains.

Children of mothers who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to show:

* Reduced I.Q.

* Lower mental performance at one year old

* Poorer academic performance scores at school

* Increased learning difficulties (children were 25 percent more likely to have learning disabilities if their mother smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day)

Do you want a sick child?

Hong Kong researchers report that babies who live in households with two or more people who smoke are 30 percent more likely to go to hospital than those from homes without smoke.

And a writer in a forum says this -"When I was younger my parents had to buy me a resperator because the smoking in the house was making me have asthma attacks and I could never keep up with the other kids in gym class because my body couldnt handle it.. If I never had asthma I would be so much more fit.."

Do you want a happy child?

Dr Kate Pickett and her team at the University of York in England made a study of 18,000 British babies born between 2000 and 2002. And they found that babies of women who stop smoking tend to be cheerier, and more adaptable. The study also showed that heavy smokers had the most difficult children, scoring low for positive mood.

Also, researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York report that mothers who smoke during pregnancy are far more likely to experience behavioral problems with their offspring. This study of 99 mothers and their two-year-old children found a fourfold increase of rebelliousness, impulsive behavior, and other parental stressors among those that smoked while carrying children.

Do you want another drug addict in the house?

If you're a mother who doesn't want her children to fall into the smoking trap, consider this. Research shows that if you smoke, your little children are already six times more likely to be planning to smoke when they grow up. Researchers interviewed 504 preschoolers in upstate New York and note that 70 percent said they expected to smoke when they were older. The largest percentage of these had mothers who smoked.

Do you want all this?


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