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Quit Smoking

There are many reasons why you might want to consider quitting smoking, but foremost among them are probably concerns about your health - by now, most people are well aware of the risks of smoking. It's not just about your own health though - you should also consider the health of people around you (including family members and other loved ones), who, even if they are non-smokers, are forced to breathe in your smoke just because they share the same living space as you (this is known as "passive smoking").

In these times of economic uncertainty, another good reason for quitting that probably springs to mind is the sheer cost of smoking - your habit may be costing you a small fortune - your money is literally going up in smoke. When thinking about the financial reasons for giving up smoking, it's not just that the cost of cigarettes that you should consider - smoking may well result in paying higher health insurance premiums, and these days, it's also possible that your employer may view smoking in a negative light, and that could well have a negative effect on your career.

Other reasons to give up smoking include the fact the fact that it can makes home, your clothes and you smell of stale smoke, it can stain your fingers and teeth, and in today's world, more and more people are seeing smoking as an anti-social habit.

Of course, whether to give up smoking or continue is in the end your decision, but you should think about all these issues carefully. If you do decide to give up, as you already know, it may not be easy - it's not uncommon for smokers to go through several failed attempts at quitting before finally becoming an ex-smoker. If you do decide to quit smoking, I would strongly suggest you discuss your plans with your doctor, who will no doubt be able to give you helpful advice and help you increase your chances of success.


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