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Which Is Worse For You, Cigarettes Or Cigars?

If you have ever smoked and even if you have not, we are all bombarded with warnings, commercials, and other media advertising telling us how bad cigarette and cigar smoking is for us and others. They can both cause cancers and other lung problems. Also, we have all heard too that secondhand smoke is bad for others as well. Is either one of these worse than the other though? Are cigars somehow better for you because you do not inhale them, unlike cigars? As it turns out neither is good for you and both can cause the same problems.

As with anything, how much you smoke either cigarettes or cigars will determine the increased health risk. There was research done at the national Cancer Institute that has shown that the health risks that cigarettes and cigars created is linked to how often you smoke either of these or both. If you smoke on a daily basis then you are going to run a higher risk of developing cancer or other diseases than the person who only smokes occasionally. However, there is evidence that cigars actually much more carcinogens then cigarettes. Also, cigar smoke has been shown to be much more toxic than any secondhand cigarette smoke. Much of the reason for this is that cigars are larger than cigarettes and then produce more smoke.

There have also been many other debates concentrated on the issues of inhaling nicotine while smoking cigarettes or not inhaling cigars. Very dedicated cigar smokers will argue that cigars are not as dangerous as cigarettes because they are not inhaling the smoke and so then they are not getting as much of the toxins. However, The National Cancer Institute's research actually shows that both cigars and cigarettes have carcinogens and anyone smoking is then exposed to them. This is whether they inhale or not. Even if you are not inhaling you are still exposing your mouth, gums, tongue, and teeth to the same toxins. The carcinogens are part of the cigarettes and cigars and so when you hold them, these toxins are escaping. Then when saliva touches either one of these there is transfer and the toxins are still swallowed. Once swallowed your throat, larynx, and esophagus are now exposed to the carcinogens, toxins, and irritants. Whether holding, lighting, or smoking a cigar or cigarette both appear to give off approximately the same amount.

Furthermore, all research to date shows the health risks that are associated with cigars and cigarettes could be reduced by less smoking and less inhalation when you do smoke. Since, most cigarette smokers typically inhale deeply while smoking and smoke on a more regular basis they usually show up with a higher risk of developing health problems. One study by The National Cancer Institute showed that smoking one pack a day of cigarettes was equivalent to smoking five cigars a day.

Either way really we all know smoking anything can be bad for you. It is not good for your health regardless of how often or when you smoke. Deciding to quite all together would probably be a better idea.


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