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Why Promote Voluntary Smoking Bans Rather Than Legislation?

Are you interested in smoking bans in your community? We can help you with that. What we would like to do though is to encourage communities to come together and create a smoke free atmosphere by choice rather than the rule of law. Promoting a no public smoking policy on the individual level rather than going to the government for results creates much more good will in the community and provides an excellent opportunity to educate community members and business owners about public smoking bans.

You do not want to be or come across as "anti" smoker. This creates a little bit of hostility. Most smokers have a love - hate relationship with their vices and overly aggressive campaigns against public smoking that include rallies to pass laws can often lead to greater resistance than encouraging them to adopt a personal policy of no public smoking. You catch a lot more flies with honey after all.

What can You do to Make a Difference?

Educate. Hold meetings in the community, talk to business owners, go door to door with petitions, and put up no smoking signs in your yard and around your business. Get the message out and you will be surprised how quickly others join you in your efforts.

Advertise. Your community is likely to be one that offers plenty of advertisement opportunities. But you do not have to stop with ads in the newspaper. Wear "no smoking" merchandise as you go about your daily business. The more people see a message the more likely it is to penetrate. Wear the shirts, use the signs, purchase "no public smoking" bumper stickers and put them on your car. Make sure that everyone knows how you feel about public smoking without saying a word.

Why Encourage Smoking Bans?

If you encourage no public smoking you are encouraging air that is easier to breathe for everyone. People appreciate the ability to breathe clean and fresh air when they are eating, when they are attending sporting events, and when they are shopping. By encouraging smoking bans by choice you are letting those that smoke know that their efforts are appreciated (legislation forces their efforts) and creating air that is better for all.

The other major benefit of public smoking bans is that it reinforces the lessons you are trying to teach your children about smoking. The more no smoking signs and other no smoking merchandise they see around the community the more likely they are to find validation for your no smoking message.

Yet another great reason to encourage smoking bans where you live is that nearly 3 out of 4 smokers wish to quit. This goal is admirable and much more easily accomplished when they aren't faced with other people smoking at every turn.

No public smoking is a worthy goal for anyone to have. You can make an important contribution to public smoking bans in your community by wearing no smoking merchandise and placing no smoking signs in and around your home and business.


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