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No Public Smoking - How You Can Spread the Word

Encouraging a community where there is no public smoking through choice rather than legislation is a major step in the direction of creating smoke free public spaces for all. There are many reasons that this is a goal worth working towards. The reasons that come immediately to mind for many is that it sets a positive example for children and creates a much healthier atmosphere for all.

If you are looking for great ways to spread the message and encourage those in your community to initiate smoking bans that do not require legislation there are a few excellent suggestions below.

  • Start a petition of community members. The more signatures you get the more power you have when you attempt the next step. You will be surprised at how many people in the community will be supportive of your no public smoking efforts.
  • Talk to business owners in your community. By letting them know that you are committed to creating a smoke free environment in your community and encouraging them to make their businesses smoke free (inside and out) you are educating them and promoting awareness. Show them the signatures you have on your petition. There is something miraculous about the power of numbers to sway business owners to one side or the other of an issue.
  • Wear shirts and other no smoking merchandise the delivers your message loud and clear. You want others to see your commitment to smoking bans in the community and join you in your efforts. You should wear these shirts and carry the "No Public Smoking" tote bags or messenger bags with you so that the message is reinforced when you talk to business owners and leaders in the community.
  • Put up yard signs that bear the no public smoking message and encourage those that sign your petition to do so as well. When people drive by and see the message day after day it is more likely to sink in. You should also offer yard signs to business owners in the community that agree to apply smoking bans on their properties. This provides the opportunity to insure that more than lip service is paid to the efforts.

You will generate much more community good will by pursuing efforts that do not involve legislation but communities becoming smoke free by choice. Buy "No Public Smoking" shirts for every occasion and wear them often. Encourage others that support your cause to do the same. The more the word gets out the more likely others are to see and join you in your efforts. This is an effort that is going to take a community to work together in order to achieve but one that is so rewarding to everyone in the community.

Smoking bans have been legislated in many communities across the country. These bans however have been met with a great deal of hostility and resistance. Our goal is to promote no public smoking by choice. Are you ready to join the cause?


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