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How To Break The Smoking Habit And Live A Healthier Life

Smoking is detrimental not only to your health, but to your family's health as well. People who smoke are aware, and are constantly reminded, that smoking is harmful and provides no health benefit at all. In fact, this vice has been linked to many serious diseases, such as cancers, cardiovascular conditions, lung diseases, stroke, blood vessel problems and even cataracts. What's more, pregnant women who smoke are likely to have pregnancy complications, which can even lead to the death of the baby.

The best time to quit smoking is now. According to research, quitting smoking has immediate benefits, such as dramatically reducing your risk for certain cancers, chronic lung conditions, heart attack and stroke. If you have always planned to quit this habit but don't know where to begin, just read the tips below on how to quit smoking to learn what you must do.

Set A Date

It would really be advisable to quit smoking now. Many people, regardless of the number of years that they have been smoking, have succeeded in quitting the smoking habit in just a snap. However, if you think you cannot just leave the habit behind, you can probably set a date when you will finally call it quits. Sometimes, setting a date can prepare you emotionally and mentally on the daunting tasks ahead.

Get Rid Of All Your Paraphernalia

If you are really serious about quitting, you need to throw out everything that you use when smoking. Throw ashtrays, lighters, packs of cigarettes, and other things that could remind you of smoking or trigger your habit. It would be easier to quit if you don't see things inside your car, house or office that can tempt you to smoke.

Know Why And When

Before you finally throw in the towel, you have to determine why you smoke and when you smoke. Once you have learned about the underlying causes behind the vice, you would be able to break the habit. For example, you tend to smoke when you are hungry or anxious. Once you know this, you would be able to stop the habit by avoiding hunger via eating early or bringing nuts or snacks with you wherever you are.

Change Your Routine

In many cases, people often smoke because it has become part of their routine. If you start quitting, you need to change your routine so that you will stay busy and will not be reminded of your nicotine cravings. Instead of taking a bath immediately after you wake up, you could probably start eating breakfast first. Even changing your mealtimes or sitting on a different chair could help break your routine, and hopefully help in making you quit your smoking habit.

Give Yourself A Reward

A lot of people stay motivated because of impending rewards. Thus, you can reward yourself a little each day for not lighting a stick. Treating yourself to a movie, a dessert, a favorite meal, or just about anything could help keep you motivated along the way.

Think Positive

It will be futile to think about failing when you are trying to quit. It would be best to surround yourself with people who are optimistic about your success and at the same time will help you achieve your goal. Avoid those who are negative thinkers, particularly those that tempt you to go back to your old ways. Moreover, if you concentrate on the benefits that you will reap from not smoking, you will surely avoid this vice.

Do Some Internal Cleansing

It would also be a good idea to detoxify your body of all the toxins and chemicals brought about by cigarette smoking. This might also help you get rid of your craving for cigarettes. There are many ways to do internal cleansing. However, the easiest is by using a cleansing product or a supplement that is available in the market. One product that can help you with detoxification is Colpurin. If you want to know more about how Colpurin can help you, visit


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