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Understand What Smoking Does To You

As an author I am assuming by reading this article you have an understanding that smoking is generally bad for your health. However, do you really know how bad smoking is for you? Do you understand what it actually does to your body? If you're the kind of person that simply doesn't know or doesn't care you should definitely keep reading.

Smoking kills nearly four hundred and fifty thousand people every year. Don't just read that number but understand it. Smoking tobacco has been proven to cause lung cancer, pregnancy complications, strokes, heart disease, and over all making you far less healthy of a person. Now you may read this but take a second to think about these problems actually happening to you. Do some research and take a look at what these problems actually do to someone's life and what state of mind it leaves them in. Have you ever met anyone with any of these problems and thought "What if this was me?" As a smoker you are well on your way to entering these horrible diseases. Is your addictive habit worth putting yourself through such a disaster? You really should take a step back and consider this because an "I told you so" down the line is really not worth it in this situation.

Many also understand the penalties of quitting smoking such as how hard it is on your mind, gaining weight, and stress. It needs to be understood that to quit smoking is comparably as difficult as quitting such drugs as cocaine and heroin. Even with the latest prescription drugs it takes a strong heart and will to truly kick the habit. It is completely possible to do it and I personally know many individuals that were able to walk away from it without any medications just fine.

With every drag of a cigarette you are shortening your life span but what if you didn't have to? At this point I am not referring to quitting but instead adjust your habit. Recent technology has brought in a product called an electronic cigarette. This device vaporizes water, flavor, and optional nicotine. The sensation provided is very close to being comparable to smoke with many people believing it actually is better tasting. In the United States these are casual devices that many have found a good replacement for cigarettes when comparing costs, taste, feeling, and freedom. Better yet, this has shown to cause no actual harm to your body.

Regardless of your decision you should take this one seriously. Dying from smoking related illnesses can be painful but preventable.


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