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New Stop Smoking Aids

There have been nicotine-free prescription drugs accessible for some time, however they have often had conflicting results. The newest stop smoking aids don't claim to help every single smoker, however, they are according to experts, much more effective than the previous products.

Sometimes, aids that are thought to help people quit smoking have nicotine. Paradoxically, this is the very drug that smokers are trying to get out of their systems. However, the idea is that these latest stop-smoking drugs can assist in weaning smokers from their addiction to the drug. Up 'til now, stop-smoking drugs have not seemed to be very effective. Both researchers and those using these drugs are finding that the treatment has a small effect on their craving for nicotine. In short, they return to smoking for the every day fix.

Experts are eager that the new stop smoking drugs that eliminate the effects of nicotine will fare superior. The latest stop smoking drug goes by the medical name Varenicline, and/or is sold under name of 'Chantix'. It is not a nicotine replacement treatment; instead, it functions by reducing pleasure established from smoking, as well as eliminating the effects of nicotine, as a result, eventually cravings are dramatically reduced.

Replacement Therapies Are Not Effective Forever

Replacement therapies have been available for quite a few years, along with drug named bupropion that was sold under the name of Wellbutrin, which was also originally planned for use as an antidepressant. Wellbutrin was originated to help people who wished put an to end smoking; as a result it was again re-branded as Zyban, and is now sold as a stop-smoking aid. Again, this medicine is only effectual in some cases, however it is always helpful to have one more options in the stop smoking arsenal.

Preliminary experiments have revealed that 44% of people using Chantix as a stop-smoking aid have been successful after the first 12 weeks. Researchers are examining long-term effects of these drugs as well as monitoring these patients closely in their mission to stay smoke-free. Chantix is FDA accepted as a smoking termination drug, which is great news if you try to quit, because many insurance companies are covering the drug.


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