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Try Hypnosis To Help You Quit Smoking

The number of people who smoke is steadily rising. Just as people are starting, even more are trying to stop and even the largest cigarette manufacturer, Phillip Morris, sponsors television advertisements about programs to stop smoking.

For many years hypnosis has been used to help smokers break the habit. Most people may think that hypnosis is used only to entertain audiences by getting hypnotized people to do amusing and odd things. It can also be used to stop bad habits, conquer stress or fears and to learn good habits.

Hypnotism is described as concentrated relaxation by hypnotherapists and they believe that hypnotism allows a person to by pass the conscious mind which they call the gate keeper. The conscious mind judges, grades and edits what people hear and think while the subconscious mind is said to be like a sponge, believing all it hears as being the truth.

Hypnotists therefore believe that using concentrated relaxation will by pass the gate keeper of the conscious mind and feed the subconscious an imagined reality that the person being hypnotized is a non-smoker, thus turning that person into a non-smoker. This reprogramming changes behavior patterns and removes barriers for the conscious mind.

Any person who is willing to give up control of their conscious minds can be hypnotized. Books and tapes are available that teaches self-hypnosis to stop smoking, otherwise a hypnotherapist can be approached for help.

Self-hypnosis takes time and much practice to master and techniques are taught to relax and guide a person through the images that can make stopping to smoke a reality. Certified hypnotherapists can do all this in a single session (sometimes more than one). In addition, the hypnotherapist will also make suggestions regarding specific physical tasks to help to increase success in efforts to stop smoking.

A major concern and complaint by people trying to stop smoking is the increase in stress levels that they experience. Often people who stop smoking gain weight because eating takes the place of smoking as a substitute for the habit. Hypnosis helps with stress reduction and may decrease potential weight gain issues. It will teach new beliefs and attitudes regarding smoking towards eliminating the habit.

Hypnotherapy is similar to a pleasant state of mind experienced during daydreaming and the eventual effect is that a person becomes relaxed and calm, being able to ignore normal environments. While the person is in total control and is able to awaken at any time, this state of mind will increase the ability to speak to the subconscious mind and make dreams turn to reality.


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