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What Happens When You Quit Smoking

If you're contemplating about kicking the smoking habit, you may be wondering what happens when you quit smoking. There are a number of physical and neurological changes that you can expect your body to go through. Depending on your level of dependence to nicotine, some of these changes will be tough to cope with, others you may not notice at all.

The first thing you may notice is that you may actually start coughing more and creating a lot of mucus. It might be a little shocking at first, but this is actually a good thing. This is your body's natural way of repairing the lungs after years of coating them with tar.

You may also notice your skin to become smoother and have better color in just a couple days. This is because within a day of not smoking, the nicotine and carbon monoxide levels that your body is used to become reduced in your blood stream. As a result, your oxygen levels return to normal and your pigment will improve. For this same reason, however, you may find that your body temperature feels a little warmer as well.

The other thing that happens when you quit smoking about a day after your last cigarette is your body starts to flush the toxins from your system, at which point your body will crave nicotine in order to return to what it thinks is a normal state. This is about the time you may being to feel irritable, short tempered and may develop headaches.

Work through this stage, and in just a few days you will begin to feel much better. You'll have a heightened sense of smell for other people smoking around you, and the smell will probably be nauseating. This is when you know you're on the home stretch to quitting smoking for good.

After about 9 months your lung functions and breathing will improve, and you will dramatically improve your risk of lung cancer, hear failure and other smoking related diseases. As time goes by your health will greatly improve, particularly if coupled with regular exercise.


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