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Adult Smoking Cessation - You Are Never Too Old to Quit Smoking

There's so much upside that comes as a result of making the decision to quit smoking, even when you think you are too old to try. Adult smoking cessation has many health benefits, namely reducing the risk of illness or premature death due to tobacco smoking related causes.

When you quit smoking, the positive effects begin within minutes of your last cigarette.

After just 20 minutes of not smoking, your blood pressure decreases, your pulse rate drops, and the temperature of your hands and feet increases. I remember those cold hands and feet!!

At 7-8 hours after quitting your carbon-monoxide level in your bloodstream will drop to normal levels, and normal levels of oxygen in the blood will return. This is all after just 8 hours, or one working day.

So this means that for people who currently work in a non-smoking environment for 8 hours a day, and who don't smoke during that time, your body has already achieved these amazing results, and you had no choice! In less than 26 hours, your chance of a smoking related heart attack has decreased, and within 2 days, your nerve endings begin to re-grow and your normal senses (smell and taste) have started to return. Although you may believe that you are too old for adult smoking cessation, your body does not.

These benefits and a lot of others continue to improve and you can only imagine the difference you would be feeling and experiencing after a couple of weeks. The worst of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms subside within the first month. Following that, the focus shifts to learning how to decipher and reprogram the psychological urges to smoke that smokers have built up over the years.

Education is a necessary part of a successful adult smoking cessation program, because when you know what to expect as you move through the process of recovery from nicotine addiction, you'll find you are equipped to handle any hurdles that may occur,leaving you less at risk of relapse.


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