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How to Become an Ex-Smoker

How to become an ex-smoker is a very important question for millions of people, chained to their cigarettes day in, day out. The difficulty most people face trying to quit means that after a few failed attempts, they give up trying to give up and resign themselves to an early grave!

In my opinion, it needn't be difficult to become an ex-smoker. It is purely a matter of how much you can change your attitude towards tobacco and cigarettes that determines how successful you will be in achieving your goal of becoming an ex-smoker.

The problem is that most people have been bombarded with information about how damaging cigarettes and tobacco are to your health. This is all very good and true but it only serves to tell you why you should quit smoking. It does nothing to tell you how to become an ex-smoker.

Unfortunately, many smokers don't even realise that the reasons why you should quit will do nothing to actually help you quit. It is the equivalent of expecting to stop someones hunger simply by telling them they should eat! Telling smokers they should give up but not helping them achieve it leaves smokers disillusioned and unmotivated as a result.

Another way in which society doesn't help you quit smoking is by constantly telling you that smoking is difficult to stop doing.

You might not realise it but we are all a product to some extent or another of our surroundings and our environment. This is not just the physical environment, but also the ideas that are portrayed to us by friends, family, advertising and the media.

To put this concept into stark perspective, the Nazis managed to largely convince the German people that the Jews were waging a conspiracy against the non-Jewish people of the world. They used propaganda to insinuate that the bulk of the German people's woes were caused by the Jews and that the Jews needed to be punished for this and expelled from Germany. The bulk of Germany fell into line (although they were never told about the Final Solution) and felt that their problems were caused by the Jews because they had been told so, so many times by the Nazi propoganda machine.

That is the power of propaganda - it can overcome reason, rational and independent thinking if you let it. If you bombard someone with an idea or a concept for long enough, they eventually fall into line! Smoking is one area where I think this has happened in order to furnish drug companies with more cash and keep governments raking in duties and taxes on tobacco.

People are told by drug companies that it is difficult to quit smoking unless you use their drugs, whether that be Zyban, Chantix or nicotine therapy like patches or lozenges. If you are told that story enough times, guess what? Yep, you will come to believe it! You too think that quitting smoking without some pill, patch or aid is as good as a failure the moment you start. I disagree!

The secret to becoming an ex-smoker doesn't lie in nicotine replacement therapy, anti-depressants, acupuncture, laser therapy or hypnosis. The answer to the question of how to become an ex-smoker lies in changing your attitude towards cigarettes' and tobacco's role in your life.

As a smoker, you have learned to include cigarettes in every part of your day, from waking, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, finishing meals to talking on the phone and driving your car. Cigarettes will be integral to your day.

You see cigarettes as an aid to ease the bumps, tribulations and stresses of your busy life. They aren't!

As long as you 'think' you cannot live without them, you will miss them. As long as you miss cigarettes, you will find it difficult to forget about them. If you cannot forget about them; if you cannot see a future where cigarettes are not important, you will always find it difficult to become an ex-smoker.

You were born a non-smoker and you have probably spent too long being a smoker so now it is time to learn how to become an ex-smoker. It is not as difficult as you think but it is an achievement that will make you and your family proud once completed. Remember, a quarter of the American public used to smoke but don't anymore. There is a life after tobacco and it is just as much fun if not more than you think you are having with cigarettes in your life!


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