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Smoking is NOT an Addiction!

I bet you think that I'm crazy to say that Smoking is NOT an addiction, especially since we have all been brainwashed, all our lives, to believe that it is....hear me out, please. Smoking is a habit and a very bad one at that.

Have you had it, really had it and decided that it's time for you to quit smoking? (By the way, no method will work unless you have reached this state of mind).

What I'm reviewing here is a quit smoking resource created by a highly recognized, licensed professional by the name of Valerie Dawson.

First let's discuss possible reasons why you want to "kick the habit". Yes, I've said it again...smoking is not an addiction, it is a habit. Valerie's program explains why this is so in down-to-earth, simple facts that detail the logic behind that statement.

Honestly, it was quite a revelation to me when I first heard that notion of smoking being a habit vs an addiction. What this did for me, though, was make me think that if this were in fact the case, then it should be easier to quit than we have been led to believe all along. Wow!! Isn't that great news for the people struggling to quit.

Okay, so now back to the reasons that may be prompting you to quit;

1. You're tired of family, friends and possibly also your doctors nagging you to give it up
2. You feel like an outcast as it gets harder and harder to find a place to smoke
3. You're tired of literally seeing your hard-earned money "going up in smoke"
4. You hate how your hands, clothes and breath smell as a Smoker...and possibly also your car and home if you smoke in these places
5. You constantly worry about what smoking will do to your long-term health
6. You have this guilt that comes from knowing how bad the smoking habit is for you and not being able to stop yourself from continuing to do it
7. I'm sure you can come up with many more reasons why you should stop, but I think these are the main reasons that apply to most people.

Okay, so now we know the "why" we want or need to break this habit, what's next? We need to know "how" can we do it.

I can hear many of your now, "I've been a smoker for 30+ years. I'll never be able to give it up." I understand what you're thinking but have seen the proof of people just like you who have accomplished this.

How would you feel if I told you that with this program you could be a non-smoker within an hour and it happened for you? What would you say if I told you that there is a 100% guarantee with this method so that there is absolutely no risk for you to give it a try. Once again, nothing will work unless you have made up your mind to quit.

This method is fast, easy, painless, safe and guaranteed. There are no side effects, no weight gain, no fatigue or feelings of withdrawal like those that accompany other stop smoking methods.

Did you know that Nicotine is a stimulant so that when a smoker says, for example, "Let me go and relax and have a cigarette" it is somewhat of an oxymoron as a cigarette cannot relax you? Studies have been done that have shown that what actually relaxes a smoker when they are having a cigarette is the oxygen that they also draw into their bodies while smoking and not the smoking itself. That, again, in my opinion, is another fact that should aid in the quitting process.

Let me just say one thing that I know about you, even though we have never are not stupid or weak or a bad person because you smoke, though many failed attempts to quit may have you feeling this way. You are simply a smoker who wants to quit and that is it !!

So now that you know that it can be done fast, safely and easily with no risk to you, let's get into more of what it involves so you can realize that TODAY is the day you are going to take your life back and free yourself of this habit.

This method is a combination of the power of hypnosis (I'll cover in a little while why this should be of no concern to you) with a widely recognized scientific advancement that has, virtually overnight, dramatically changed how people gain control over various aspects of their lives that they couldn't before. It's called Neurolinguistic programming, or NLP.

By the way, regarding hypnosis, some people have a misconception about this technique. Let me make it clear here that you remain in control throughout the hypnosis. Therefore, you have no need to worry about behaving like a monkey or, in any way, making a fool of yourself. You will never do anything that you do not want to do.

Here are some quick highlights of smokers who have reclaimed their lives and completely and permanently stopped smoking;

T.G. - Smoked for 30 years, tried several times to quit using other methods. Fell for the "I'll just have one and then stop" thinking and now after using this method has not smoked for over 10 months.

S.B.- Quit after 1 hour using this method. No cravings or withdrawals. Can even sit next to a smoker and not want to smoke. 4 months and counting.

S.C.- Smoker for 40 years. No urge to smoke, even around smokers.

G.R. - Was very skeptical in the beginning about hypnosis. No desire to smoke now...9 months and counting.

T.B. - Tried all the other available methods, including patches, gum, Wellbutrin ( Zyban), cold turkey, a non-smoker with no irritability.

You CAN finally quit the smoking habit...if you have made up your mind that this is what you want.

Go for it and reclaim your health.

I wish you the best of health and a long, productive life.


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