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Mental Tips on Stopping Smoking - Use the Power of Your Mind to Quit Your Smoking Habit

So you want some tips on stopping smoking? Along with all the new shots, patches, and pills, you also have an amazing tool at your disposal: your brain. Here are some mental strategies to increase your odds in kicking the smoking habit:

Proper Desire. Well the first thing you have to do unconditionally is CHOOSE to quit! Trying to quit when you don't really want to is not going to work, and you would be foolish to try. Trying to quit without the real desire to quit will only lead to failure of your plan, and a frustration that will probably justify you smoking even more than before. Breaking the smoking habit is hard. You need to really ramp up your desire levels.

Proper Motivation. Think about all the things in your life that are affected by smoking, and decide if this is what you WANT for your life. Putting the health issues aside, you know that cigarette smoke stinks, it makes your house and car smell like an old dirty ashtray, your clothes smell of stale smoke, even if they haven't been worn in ages. Your breath smells sour, and your skin is drier than it should be. You are aging at a rate that would outperform a Ferrari, and your life expectancy reduces every time you light up. Isn't that motivating enough?

Personal Pride. People talk about your habit behind your back, and they respect you less and less, the longer you keep up the habit. Regardless of what you think, people generally look down on others who succumb to their habits, whether its cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling, etc. Becoming a non-smoker is a sign that you have discipline over yourself, and people respect that.

These are not just some tips on stopping smoking. They are tools to help you change your life. If you are serious about stopping the habit, it should not be that difficult to see and remember each time you light up, just what it means to you and those around you. Change your habits, and take control, make the decision to stop today! Buy the latest drug to help you if you must, but don't forget about the power you have within your mind.


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